Reba McEntire Revealed She’s a ‘Little Renegade a Lot of Times’

Actor and singer Reba McEntire has developed a longstanding reputation in country music for wholesome charm and a perpetually good attitude. She says she tries to lead by example and show gratitude each day, but admits she’s not perfect. Though she describes herself as a “good person,” she says she’s also a “little renegade.”

Reba McEntire performs while holding a microphone with one hand on a hip
Reba McEntire | Rusty Russell/Getty Images

Reba McEntire loves to ‘have a drink of whiskey’

In 2018, McEntire explained to CBS News that she is grateful for what’s happened in her career and spends time each day praying to give thanks. And when she’s praying, she’s seemingly thankful for it all — down to a “good night’s sleep and [a] good bed.”

According to the lifelong entertainer, she doesn’t “preach” to others about how to live and instead tries to lead by example. But that doesn’t mean she’s striving for perfection. She said she’s “not perfect” and sometimes makes choices others don’t agree with.

“I’m a little renegade a lot of times. I love to have a drink of whiskey,” she said. “But I’m a good person and I try never to hurt anybody’s feelings.”

Reba McEntire and ‘renegade’ fashion

When McEntire wore a low-cut dress to the 1993 Country Music Awards, it sent waves through the country music world.

Though she thought the dress would have more sequins for cover, she believed she rocked it in the end. And many observers agreed with her. She recalled in her book, Reba: My Story, how her brother, Pake, playfully told her the dress would have looked great on anyone else.

However, some viewers felt the gown was too revealing, especially for country music. But despite any negative opinions or seemingly false tabloid news stories about how “outraged” her parents were, she loved the custom-made piece.

According to CBS, McEntire used the same dress as a staple at her live shows. More than 25 years after she first wore it to the CMAS, she wore it again at the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2018. To anyone who doesn’t believe she could still fit, she humorously notes the dress is made of “stretchy material.”

Reba McEntire and ‘renegade’ music

There are examples of McEntire’s rebelliousness from even earlier in her career. For instance, she shared in her book how some observers were unhappy when she performed her cover of Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” at the 1988 Country Music Awards.

She noted that she didn’t feel confident she would win an award, so she was hoping for a mention in the next day’s papers. “I knew that our performance would get a reaction,” she shared, “but I never expected that it would be so strong.”

For the record, she made headlines for the performance. But she said she “quickly learned that a lot of people in the music business” didn’t like the idea of her covering “Respect” and had negative responses. Some of her fans even accused her of leaving country music.

And while she said she welcomes and considers constructive criticism, she didn’t agree with that sentiment. “I appreciate my fans’ open-mindfulness and support when, now and then, I want to try new things,” she concluded.

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