Reba McEntire Shared the Silliest Thing She’s Ever Done — and It Happened in a Bathroom Stall

Actor and country singer Reba McEntire is a certified superstar who loves to get a little silly sometimes. And she once revealed the silliest thing she’s ever done, though she pretty quickly changed her mind — which notes that she may do a lot of silly things.

What did McEntire first claim was the silliest thing she’d ever done, and what made her change her mind? Plus, did being too silly once get her booed offstage?

Reba McEntire seated with legs crossed, smiling
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Reba McEntire poured salt on her friend in a toilet stall

When asked by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette what the silliest thing she’s ever done was, she replied, “I’ve done so many silly things. Let’s come back to that.”

Luckily, she did come back to it.

“That’s it!” she interjected later in the interview. “The silliest thing I’ve ever done!”

“I once poured salt into my friend Vanessa Foster’s hair,” she recalled. “We were in a bathroom south of Durant, Okla., near the border; she was in one stall and I was in the other. I stood up on my toilet seat and poured salt over into her stall and into her hair.”

The “Fancy” singer concluded of her prank: “That’s real hard to get out!”

When the interviewer asked why she had a salt shaker in the bathroom, McEntire said, “Why, I went into the stall with it, with the purpose of pouring it into Vanessa’s hair.”

However, she called two days after the interview to say she’d thought of something that might have been sillier.

“I’ve been thinking about the silliest thing I’ve ever done, and last night I went karaoking with Kelly Clarkson,” McEntire shared. “She’s half my age but we have a blast together …”

Reba McEntire was once booed off stage for telling a silly joke

While McEntire likes to be silly, there was a time her audience didn’t appreciate her humorous antics. She recalled to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert that she was booed offstage in 1978 for telling a “horrible” joke. Colbert asked if she remembered what she said to the audience, and fortunately she did.

“Oh yeah. Do you know the difference between unlawful and illegal?” she asked. “Unlawful means its against the law and illegal is a sick bird.”

Ill eagle. “I like it,” Colbert nodded. “It was over my head.”

“Way over your hairspray,” McEntire nodded. Then, she said her mother had a piece of advice for her following the show: “Reba, you’re real cute. Sing, don’t talk.”

Reba McEntire said the funny bone is the most important of the important bones

McEntire’s love for being silly is obvious in her personal relationships, onstage antics, and in her favorite quote. She shared the line while chatting with Hoda Kotb on Today in 2021: “What you got to have in life is a funny bone, a backbone, and a wishbone.”

Kotb wondered if McEntire thought that any of the bones were more important than the others.

“You gotta have a funny bone,” McEntire replied. “Whether you’re messing up or doing great, you’ve gotta laugh at it and go on.”

While being interviewed for Oprah’s Master Class in 2012, McEntire elaborated on why it’s important to laugh. “You really kick yourself in the butt sometimes when you do things wrong,” she said. “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

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