Reba McEntire’s Ticket From ‘Ted Lasso’ Will Be Under Roy Kent

Ted Lasso has become an instant hit, gaining a cult-like following. The Apple TV+ series is currently in Season 2 and has already won four Emmy Awards, including a nod for Outstanding Comedy Series.

The comedic show follows an enthusiastic American football coach who moves to England to work with a soccer team run by a vengeful British divorcee played by Hannah Waddingham.

Part of the show’s immense success can be attributed to the pop culture references and constant name-dropping. Even celebrities enjoy the series, and when they happen to hear their name, they get pretty excited, as was the case for the CMA Awards host Reba McEntire.

Roy Kent from 'Ted Lasso' walking across the field in a solid black suit with a black shirt.
Roy Kent from ‘Ted Lasso’ | Apple Inc.

Getting a shout-out on ‘Ted Lasso’ is a pretty big deal

According to Mashable, “Ted and his Richmond crew love to name drop celebrities, bands, authors, and other noteworthy figures.” They claim, “being referenced in the wholesome sports comedy is one of the highest honors a person can receive.”

After receiving 20 Emmy nominations for Season 1, Ted Lasso creator, Brendan Hunt, told The New York Times, “maybe people didn’t mind being reminded that we can also be good to each other – and have fun doing it.”

Hunt, who plays Coach Beard, admitted that he doesn’t know why people resonated with the freshman comedy, saying, “I wish I knew – I’d make a million more of these shows!”

Reba McEntire was thrilled to get a shout-out on ‘Ted Lasso’

In Episode 5 of Season 2 of Ted Lasso, McEntire got a shout-out and couldn’t have been more adorable sharing the news on social media.

Country Now explains the scene played out when Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) leaves Richmond tickets at will call for Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein). Instead of using Kent’s name, he puts the tickets under the names of well-known country singers such as Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Shania Twain. The team captain finally picks up the tickets to the game under the alias of Reba McEntire.

The “Fancy” singer took to Twitter to share her excitement after hearing her name on the popular Apple TV+ series. She wrote, “I was just sitting there in my living room watching Ted Lasso on the television and Roy Kent, of all people, said my name!”

Goldstein got in on the fun, tweeting from his account, “Sorry Reba, I think I took your ticket.”

The “I’m a Survivor” singer again tweeted, writing, “Here’s your one chance Richmond don’t let me down.” The show responded, “Buy me a dancin’ dress and call me Fancy! You’re welcome at the Dog Track anytime, Reba. We’ll leave your tickets under ‘Roy Kent.'”

After hearing the popular series won four Emmy Awards, McEntire tweeted, “Congratulations to everyone on Team @TedLasso on your #Emmy wins!!! I tried to get in to the show, but someone forgot to leave my ticket at will call… #RoyKent.”

Dolly Parton got in on the action

Parton also couldn’t help but comment on hearing her name on the popular comedy series.

A fan of the show recently tweeted about his experience boarding an airplane. He decided not to be grumpy and instead thought to himself, “What would Ted Lasso do?” He then said he chose to talk to a lovely mother-daughter duo celebrating the mother’s 90th birthday.

The show’s Twitter account immediately responded, “That’s funny, when it comes to small talk, I often ask myself what would Dolly Parton do? Start with the 9 to 5 and end with God Only Knows.”

Parton responded on her Twitter account, “You’re too sweet, @TedLasso! I heard you left some @AFCRichmond tickets at will call under my name?”

It looks like country music royalty are fans of Ted Lasso and enjoy being called out by the popular series.

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