Recap of the Shade Thrown During the ‘RHOSLC’ Reunion Part 1

Part one of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 3 reunion aired on Jan. 25 and it did not disappoint. Meredith Marks, Lisa Barlow, Heather Gay, and Whitney Rose were all present for the reunion. Angie Harrington, Angie Katsanevas, and Danna Bui-Negrete also made an appearance. Here are the shadiest moments from part one of the RHOSLC Season 3 reunion.

Meredith Marks, Heather Gay, Andy Cohen, Whitney Rose, and Lisa Barlow at the 'RHOSLC' Season 3 reunion
Meredith Marks, Heather Gay, Andy Cohen, Whitney Rose, and Lisa Barlow | Charles Sykes/Bravo

Jen Shah’s trial prevented her from being part of the ‘RHOSLC’ reunion

If you’re wondering where Jen Shah was, she skipped out on the reunion because her sentencing had yet to be decided. Jen was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing and conspiracy to commit money laundering. She later pled guilty was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison on Jan. 6, 2023. 

Lisa Barlow throws shade about Jen Shah’s prison sentence 

Still, Jen made a small cameo in part one of the RHOSLC reunion when Meredith called her to clear something up. In season 3, Lisa called Meredith a “pill popper” after Jen allegedly told her she and Meredith had taken ketamine — a “b****y thing to say,” per Meredith, who denied these claims, as did Jen when she phoned her.  

“Calling someone a pill popper goes beyond being b****y,” Andy Cohen interjected. “It’s kind of an accusation.” Lisa concluded, “It’s funny that you’ll believe someone going to prison for lying over me.” 

Meredith Marks calls Lisa Barlow’s hot mic moment a ‘childish tantrum’ 

Yet another shady moment from the RHOSLC reunion came when Meredith and Lisa, whose relationship has been on ice since the second season, were asked where they stood. “My issue with Lisa today has nothing to do with her childish tantrum,” Meredith said, referencing the off-camera moment in Zion when Lisa called Meredith a “whore” who has “f***ed half of New York.” 

Things haven’t been the same between them since, but Meredith says they reached a “neutral space” after their Arizona trip. However, that all went out the window when Meredith discovered Lisa had removed her as a follower on Instagram and “hid her Stories.”

“Then what really sent me completely over the edge was when [Lisa posted old texts about my dad’s death],” Meredith said during the reunion. Lisa’s social media posts about the date Meredith’s father died left a bad taste in her mouth and made her feel like she didn’t want to move forward in a friendship.

Lisa Barlow throws shade about the Jen Shah exposed Instagram account

In RHOSLC Season 3, Angie’s husband Chris admitted to creating a fake Instagram account to troll Lisa despite the name of the account being “Shah Exposed.” By the end of the season, he apologized to Jen and Coach Shah, but that didn’t prevent it from coming up during the reunion.

Amid a conversation about Lisa’s alleged favors for Utah Jazz tickets, Angie told her not to “question her husband’s character.” Lisa replied: “Your husband’s character the whole world knows about.”  

Meredith Marks makes a shady comment toward Angie K. during the reunion 

Angie Harrington wasn’t the only one the RHOSLC cast threw shade at during the reunion. While talking about the champagne Jen dumped on her head in San Diego, Meredith implied she thought Angie K. overreacted. “I wouldn’t have taken something to that level,” Meredith said. 


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Angie claimed the mistreatment from Jen went back “months and years,” to which Heather asked: “Why host a party with her then?” The question was dodged and Angie went on to say Meredith should “work in a cubical” because of her lack of people skills and inability to read Angie’s emotions when Jen poured the champagne on her head.

Meredith’s reply was one of the shadiest moments in the entire reunion. “I have very good people skills, Angie,” she said. “I’m not the one who has been trying to get on the show for three years.”  

The drama continues next week when part two of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 3 reunion continues. Tune in to Bravo at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Feb. 1.