Ree Drummond Loved Acting in ‘Candy Coated Christmas,’ Promises ‘I Won’t Quit My Day Job’

Ree Drummond had a blast in her first movie Candy Coated Christmas. The Pioneer Woman star took to her blog to give fans some behind-the-scenes scoop about the movie, including her role and the overall experience.

The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond wears a bright shirt and smiles on the set of the 'Today' show in 2019
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Ree Drummond has a small role in ‘Candy Coated Christmas’

Drummond wrote about her experience co-starring in the discovery+ movie Candy Coated Christmas, beginning with how she first landed the part. She was certain there was a mistake when Food Network executives approached her.

“I have no acting experience, after all, and most of my on-screen time has been on TV with multiple sticks of butter in my hands, she wrote on The Pioneer Woman website. “I may have managed to get more comfortable cooking for cameras over the past ten-plus years, but acting? Definitely not something that’s ever been in the cards for me.”

When Drummond found out she’d “have a relatively small role” in a Christmas movie, she was on board.

Some of ‘The Pioneer Woman’ star’s treats are in the movie, too

Drummond shared a bit about her role in Candy Coated Christmas. “In the movie, I play a bakery owner named (are you ready?) Bee!,” she explained. “As luck would have it, a new bakery was weeks from opening in the Utah town where we shot the movie, and the owner let the movie production use the space for several days.”

She added, “It was decorated so beautifully, it actually gave me some fun ideas for The Merc!”

Drummond shared a photo of her character with a basket of goodies that were made from her Pioneer Woman recipes. “In my first scene, I’m delivering a basket of goodies for a family’s Christmas party,” she explained. “Fun fact: All the treats in this basket are recipes I’ve made on my show!”

Drummond almost wore a ‘slinky dress’ in ‘Candy Coated Christmas’

While Drummond doesn’t have a romantic scene in the movie, she shared that she did dance with the actor playing a real estate agent. “We danced together at the fictional Christmas party, which took place in a real barn,” The Pioneer Woman star explained.

She said there were two wardrobe choices and she was glad she opted for pants rather than a dress.

“I had to choose between a green formal dress and this green satin shirt with leather pants and I was glad I chose the pants!” she noted. “I had enough to think about with memorizing my lines without having to also worry about fitting into a slinky dress.”

She’s not giving up her career for acting

Drummond found filming to be an exciting departure from her cooking show and cookbooks but promises she’s not leaving those pursuits behind for acting.

“All in all, I had the BEST time filming the movie and being on a movie set was really a fun, one-of-a-kind experience,” she wrote. “I was flying home after filming was over, reflecting that I’d love to continue my big time acting career … but only if I only appear in Christmas movies.”

She added, “OK, OK … I won’t quit my day job! But I sure did have a magical, merry time.”

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