Ree Drummond’s Daughters Paige and Alex Told Her ‘You Get Mad at Us When We Talk’ While Filming ‘The Pioneer Woman’

Ree Drummond’s daughters Paige and Alex and other family members helped with filming the show when the pandemic started. While there’s some fun back and forth between the Food Network host and her family they mostly quietly capture their mom in action. Drummond once asked why they were being so quiet and her daughters were brutally honest.

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Ree Drummond’s daughters Paige and Alex told her ‘you get mad’ when they talk during ‘The Pioneer Woman’ filming

When her daughters were quiet while filming one recipe, Drummond asked why. Paige and Alex let the real reason slip — their mom doesn’t like it when her family crew is too chatty.

Drummond was demonstrating how to make cheesy meatball subs and asked why no one had anything to say. Alex and Paige didn’t hold back.

“You guys are quiet over there — my gosh,” Drummond said.

Her daughter Alex responded, “Well, you get mad at us when we talk sometimes.”

Paige backed up her sister and confirmed it was true, saying, “Yeah.”

Drummond joked, “Oh, it’s hard being my daughter.”

Drummond was disappointed when her daughters didn’t like 1 of her recipes

Drummond’s daughters often chime in about how amazing the food looks or briefly answer their mom’s questions during filming. However, the Food Network star appeared hurt when Paige and Alex said they didn’t like one of her recipes.

Drummond’s daughters weren’t into her first recipe on the episode. “I’m gonna start the hot and spicy menu by making some spicy pimento cheese. Who loves pimento cheese?” she asked.

Alex and Paige both said, “Not me.”

Drummond playfully yelled out, “Alex!”

While Alex noted she likes spicy foods, she said, “I don’t like pimento cheese.”

Drummond tried to convince her daughters, assuring them, “You will after today.” (Given that her daughters said they hate pimentos in a clip posted on Instagram, it wasn’t likely she could change their minds!)

Drummond’s planning a hybrid version of ‘The Pioneer Woman’

Drummond’s original film crew was set to return in July, which meant the return of more goings-on around the ranch. The Food Network host shared her desire to keep her family in the mix to provide those more laid-back kitchen moments.

On Jan. 15, Drummond took to Instagram to share how the show would feature more glimpses at life on the ranch. “We’re going to start shooting more of the ranch activities again, which I’ve missed … and later this summer, my original crew from the U.K. will be coming back for the first time in over two years.”

The Pioneer Woman star explained in a May interview with People how she enjoyed the “bonding experience” filming with her family and hoped to continue it in some way.

“We’ve all been talking and we kind of want to create a new version of the show that sort of marries the two eras — the kids shooting era and then the original,” she said. “So it’ll be fun to kind of see where the show goes when my crew comes back.” 

She added, “It’ll be so fun to create a whole new kind of a hybrid show.”

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