Ree Drummond Elevates Chocolate Mousse With Easy-to-Make Toppings

TL; DR: 

  • Ree Drummond’s chocolate mousse recipe is classic with a twist.
  • The Food Network star makes homemade chocolate curls to serve on top.
  • She also serves the chocolate mousse with jam-infused whipped cream.

Ree Drummond’s chocolate mousse is anything but boring. Not unlike her twist on the classic cherry pie with cherry pie cookie bars, the cookbook author switches a few things up to make a slightly different version. Drummond makes a traditional chocolate mousse, sprucing it up with marbled chocolate curls and whipped cream featuring a hint of jam. 

Ree Drummond’s chocolate mousse starts with the chocolate curls

Drummond’s chocolate mousse recipe doesn’t actually begin with the mousse itself. As she demonstrated on The Pioneer Woman, she starts with the toppings. 

“I’m making some marbled chocolate curls,” she said from the Lodge at the Drummond ranch

According to Food Network, she melts various types of chocolate with coconut oil. It “kind of helps keep it nice and smooth, and then when you go to make the curls, it actually curls instead of breaks,” she explained. “At least I hope that’s what happens.”

Drummond spreads the chocolate into a thin layer on an upside-down sheet pan. “You can kind of see a hint of the marbling underneath,” she said before putting the pan in the freezer. 

While the chocolate firmed up in the freezer, she whipped heavy cream until it formed stiff peaks. Then she returned to the freezer and grabbed the sheet pan. 

“You want to get sort of a sharp instrument, whether it’s a spatula or a bench scraper,” she said as she prepared to make chocolate curls. “The curl should happen sort of naturally. And, of course, we’re not talking about smooth, beautiful curls.” 

“The great thing about these is if you’re having like a dinner party, you can make them ahead of time,” she added as she demonstrated.

The Pioneer Woman folds whipped cream into melted chocolate

Now for Drummond’s chocolate mousse. She whisks egg yolks and vanilla extract together until combined. Then the Super Easy! cookbook author melts semisweet chocolate and butter using a double boiler.  

Drummond slowly adds a little bit of the egg yolk mixture to the melted chocolate mixture in a process called tempering. 

“This, of course, just brings the egg yolks to temperature,” she said. “So then when I add it into the rest of the chocolate, it doesn’t turn into scrambled eggs chocolate which never ever sounds good.” 

“I always do it slowly and stir the whole time,” she added. 

Next, comes folding in the whipped cream which gives the mousse a light and airy texture. “You can’t rush the folding process at all,” Drummond advised. “You need to take your sweet time and just do it gradually.”

Ree Drummond’s infuses homemade whipped cream with raspberry preserves

“I’m going to doctor up the whipped cream just a little bit that I’m going to put on top of the chocolate mousse,” Drummond said.

“I don’t want to totally mix this,” she said as she added raspberry preserves to the whipped cream. “I want it to be marbled. You’re tempted to keep mixing, but you want to stop when it just starts to marble.” 

Finally, she fills up four glasses with chocolate mousse, topping each one with whipped cream and chocolate curls. 

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