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Ree Drummond is back for a new season of The Pioneer Woman but not all of her fans are loving the return of her old film crew. Many viewers had gotten used to Drummond’s kids taking on filming duties during the pandemic, but the Food Network star has her original crew back on the job.

Ree Drummond smiles wearing a multicolor top during a cooking demonstration
Ree Drummond | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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Ree Drummond promised the new season of ‘The Pioneer Woman’ would feature ‘ranch activities again’

On Jan. 15, Drummond took to Instagram to let fans know what they could expect when the new season of The Pioneer Woman returned.

“I sometimes forget to post about my Food Network show, because it’s such a regular part of my life, so here’s a post about my Food Network show!” Drummond wrote in the caption. “This morning’s brand new episode features four recipes that are [yummy face and heart eyes emojis] and I’ve got all the kids filming in the kitchen with me.”

She continued, “We filmed this show last fall, and are looking forward to starting filming again next month! We’re going to start shooting more of the ranch activities again, which I’ve missed … and later this summer, my original crew from the U.K. will be coming back for the first time in over two years.”

Some fans said they miss the kids filming Drummond’s cooking show

On Oct. 22, Drummond shared a clip from the show on her Facebook page. “Here’s a peek into my brand new Food Network episode that’s on this morning!” she wrote. “Here’s also a peek into what Ladd has to deal with on a daily basis. Everything’s a discussion!! My original crew is back, and we’re making some fun shows together.”

Many fans shared how much they will miss the kids filming the new episodes, with comments including, “I already miss the kids. The show was more natural and real” and “No offense to the professional crew… but going to miss the kids, and the casual feel of the show.”

One fan shared, “I loved when the kids filmed. They held the camera well and it didn’t bounce around like it does when the crew films.” Another person agreed, writing, “Yes! The professional crew focuses more on Ree’s face than the food and what she’s doing. The kids do a much better job.”

Another fan added, “With the kids filming it was more natural, fun, and interactive cooking with mom in the kitchen. I like that better.”

One of Drummond’s fans said they enjoyed how the show “wasn’t heavily edited” when the kids filmed. “Ree makes goofy mistakes like the rest of us — much more real and fun.”

Ree Drummond explained why her kids aren’t filming new ‘The Pioneer Woman’ episodes

Drummond gave some insight into why her kids will no longer be involved with filming The Pioneer Woman. On her Oct. 13 Instagram post featuring her husband Ladd, a fan wrote, “I will miss your kids filming too!! It was so laid back and fun with them. Like being there with you watching you cook.”

Drummond explained, “It was so fun, and we will take some of that vibe forward! The kids are moving ahead with college and jobs, and I look forward to working with my old crew! There were limits to what my kids and I were capable of filming, and I’d like to include more moments outside the kitchen. I hope you enjoy the new upcoming shows!”