Ree Drummond Revealed 3 Lessons She’s Learned Being an ‘Agricultural Wife’ to Husband Ladd Drummond

TL; DR: 

  • Ree Drummond has been married to her cattle rancher husband, Ladd Drummond, for more than 20 years. 
  • They live on a ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.
  • Ree Drummond shared what she’s learned being an “agricultural wife” on her Pioneer Woman website.
  • She said it involves a “certain level of resignation.” 

Ree Drummond’s opening up about what she’s learned as an “agricultural wife.” The Food Network star’s been married to Ladd Drummond, her cattle rancher husband, since 1996. In that time she’s learned a thing or two — or three — about living on the ranch. Ahead, discover what The Pioneer Woman host has learned. Spoiler: It’s mostly about letting Ladd do his thing. 

Ree Drummond lives on a sprawling Oklahoma estate

As seen on The Pioneer Woman, the cookbook author lives in what some might call the middle of nowhere. There’s no neighborhood or neighbors because of the Drummond ranch’s size. It clocks in at a whopping 433,000 acres. 

Located in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, the Drummond ranch sits outside of town. The former food blogger can be seen driving dirt roads to downtown Pawhuska on her show. 

Although most of the time she stays nearby at the ranch’s “lodge” where The Pioneer Woman is filmed. Originally a guesthouse, Drummond and her husband Ladd renovated the space years before the Food Network show premiered. 

Today, the “Lodge” is where The Pioneer Woman crew stays during filming. It’s also a destination for fans with summer tours available.

The Pioneer Woman on being an ‘agricultural wife’ to husband Ladd Drummond: It involves a ‘certain level of resignation’

In a May 2022 Pioneer Woman blog post titled, “Thelma and Louise … I Mean Betsy and Ree!”Drummond discussed the “Kansas adventure” she took with her sister Betsy Lee Smith.  They met up with Ladd in Kansas while he and a “burn crew” burned pastureland. 

Drummond snapped a photo of Smith checking on Ladd as they sat in the car from a safe distance away. She went on to say she’d been a little less concerned seeing him near the flames because of her many years as an “agricultural wife.” 

“There are three things I’ve learned in all the years of being an agricultural wife,” Drummond began. “The dude is gonna do what the dude is gonna do,” she said. Additionally, “he knows what he’s doing since he’s been doing it his whole life.” 

And, lastly, Drummond said she embraces a “Jesus take the wheel” approach. “Because if something goes wrong, I can’t do anything about it anyway,” she explained. 

“There’s a certain level of resignation required in this role I’m in! 😂” she concluded.

Ree Drummond and Ladd Drummond spend time away from the ranch too 

There is always a lot to do at the Drummond ranch from the “less romantic” tasks such as installing a fence to caring for horses. However, that isn’t to say Drummond and Ladd never take breaks.

Most recently, in July 2022, the Pioneer Woman and her husband took a trip to Mexico. Drummond offered a glimpse of their getaway on Instagram. Along with a few photos the 53-year-old  wrote in the caption they took a “quick trip to Mexico” for their “good friends’ wedding.” 

“My husband looks good in lorts, doesn’t he? (Ladd + Shorts = Lorts.) I bought him some flip flops but he doesn’t like things between his toes,” she added. “And motuleños, btw?? Heaven. Thank you for listening!”

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