Ree Drummond Says Her Big Grilled Veggie Salad Is a Summer Menu Must-Have

TL; DR: 

  • Ree Drummond has a Big Grilled Veggie Salad recipe.
  • The dish is a must-serve side on any summer menu, according to The Pioneer Woman host. 
  • The salad takes 25 minutes to make.

Ree Drummond‘s Big Grilled Veggie Salad is among her many Pioneer Woman salads. Although the Food Network star considers this one, in particular, a must for the summertime.

Ree Drummond makes an olive-oil dressing to add flavor to the veggies

The Big Grilled Veggie Salad doesn’t start with vegetables but rather the dressing. Drummond combines a few ingredients in a small bowl. 

“It’s just olive oil, Italian seasoning, crushed red pepper flakes, and salt and pepper,” she said on The Pioneer Woman, calling it “not complicated at all.” 

“Look how yummy and flavor-packed this is going to be,” she said as she whisked everything together. 

The Pioneer Woman brushes summer veggies with dressing before they go on the grill

Drummond moves on to the vegetables after making the dressing. The reason being she brushes the veggies with the olive oil mixture before they go on the grill. 

With the dressing set aside, she puts cremini mushrooms, zucchini, squash, orange bell pepper, green bell pepper, and red onion on skewers for a variety of “summertime goodness.” From there, she brushes the top of the veggies with the olive oil dressing. 

Then Drummond puts them, dressing-side down, on a hot grill pan. As they cook, she brushes on the remaining dressing. When they’re “nice and dark,” she flips the skewers over, leaving them to finish grilling. 

Ree Drummond likes to serve her Big Grilled Veggie Salad with herbs, lemon juice, and feta cheese

“Check out this gorgeous array of grilled vegetables,” Drummond said to her kids as they filmed from the Lodge at their Oklahoma ranch. With the veggies charred, she doesn’t just leave it at that. She adds more flavor with lemons, herbs, olive oil, and cheese.

“For toppings, I’m just going to turn this into a gorgeous presentation with feta and olive oil,” she explained. She drizzles the juice and zest of two lemons on top of the veggies. Also sprinkled on top are some “beautiful fresh herb leaves.”

“I really like to lay the herbs on thick,” Drummond said as she added parsley, oregano, and mint. “To me, any summer menu you have has to have this on the side.” 

Featured on the “Summer Celebration” episode of The Pioneer Woman, Drummond serves it alongside Roasted Brisket Sliders, Lemon and Berry Icebox Cake, and Sparkling Sangria.

Reviewers love Ree Drummond’s Big Grilled Veggie Salad

At the time of writing, Drummond’s Big Grilled Veggie Salad averages five stars on Food Network’s website. Reviewers describe it in the comments as everything from “super delicious” and “awesome and easy” to the “best grilled vegetables” ever.

One reviewer skipped putting the veggies on skewers in favor of grilling “large slices” on the grill. Another forgot the herb mixture but called it “delicious” even without it. Not only did they say it was a “big hit with guests,” but they also added the “leftovers were good the next day.” 

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