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Ree Drummond took fans for a little walk down memory lane when a recipe on her cooking show reminded her of life in the ‘80s. It was a simpler time, with The Pioneer Woman star sharing her hilarious memories, including one shirt with a racy message that got her in trouble.

'The Pioneer Woman' star Ree Drummond wears a bright colored top on the set of the 'Today' show in 2019
Ree Drummond | Tyler Essary/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

‘The Pioneer Woman’: Ree Drummond Reveals Her ‘Favorite Man in the World’ and It’s Not Ladd

Ree Drummond shared memories from the carefree ’80s

On Feb. 4, Drummond took to Instagram to share a clip from the newest episode of The Pioneer Woman. One of the recipes, she said, reminded her of hanging out at the mall.

“On my Food Network show tomorrow/Saturday morning, I’m making football food, and something as simple as a potato skin sends me on a trip down memory lane, where the mall/flirting excursions happened weekly and the good judgment was scarce,” she wrote in the caption.

Drummond continued, “I miss Spencer’s Gifts! And what was the name of the music store where we bought tapes? I’d give anything for an Orange Julius. My mom got mad at me for a t-shirt I bought at Spencer’s once, btw. In my defense, I was 15 and didn’t understand what that word meant, haha.”

During the episode, Drummond made “game day eats,” including her potato skins, which she called “a quintessential appetizer from the 1980s.”

“Potato skins are just one of those foods that used to pop up in chain restaurants in the 1980s,” she explained. “My friends and I would go to the mall, meet cute guys. Those were the days, I’m telling you. I had no responsibilities back then. I also had no brain in my head so I’d rather be where I am now.”

Her fans shared their mall memories

Drummond’s Instagram followers loved the walk down memory lane and shared some of their mall favorites as well as offering suggestions for the music store Drummond might have bought cassette tapes.

“Orange Julius was my favorite,” one fan commented. “The lemonade at the hotdog on a stick place was pretty good too though.” Drummond knew it all too well, responding, “Corn Dog 7!!!”

When one fan wrote, “Tape World and/or Record Town!” as possibilities for mall music stores, Drummond responded, “These are amazing store names.”

Another fan wondered if it was Camelot Music and The Pioneer Woman star said “YES!!!”

Many wondered what Ree Drummond’s shirt said

Drummond’s funny story about Spencer’s kicked off so many comments. “I love that you have fond memories and appreciation for Spencer’s,” one of her followers wrote.

The Pioneer Woman star called out one fan’s remark as the “best comment” when they wrote, “Spencer’s! I learned a lot in that store that my momma wouldn’t tell me!”

Of course, so many people wondered what the racy shirt said, with comments like, “What was the word on the shirt??” and “Hahaha. Spencer’s!! I’m dying to know what the T-shirt said!!?? Tell us.”

Drummond didn’t respond, however, so the world may never know.