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Ree Drummond is back to her old format for The Pioneer Woman show and she asked for some feedback from her fans about the episodes. Turns out, many of her devoted fans are missing her kids filming the Food Network show.

'The Pioneer Woman' Ree Drummond wearing red and smiling
‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Ree Drummond’s ‘The Pioneer Woman’ episodes return to the ‘original style’

On Jan. 13, Drummond took to Instagram to share photos from an upcoming episode. She asked for fans’ thoughts on the show, now that The Pioneer Woman has its original film crew back.

“My new, I mean old, I mean new episodes of the old style, I mean original style not old style, show has been airing on Food Network for a few weeks now! Have you caught an episode yet?” she asked in the caption.

Drummond continued, “I really miss filming with my kids, but am also enjoying remembering to add (as an anecdotal example) pork shoulder to ‘braised pork shoulder.’ I was getting pretty scatterbrained there for a while. It’s also fun not having to worry about whether the cameras are all turned on and whether I remembered to take a still photo of each dish!”

She added, “Ladd makes an appearance. If I used the literal description to tell you what kind of ranch work he and the cowboys are doing on the show, I would open myself up to wisecracks because the phrase has taken on a whole new meaning in recent years, so I will stop there and you can just tune in tomorrow to see. Happy weekend, friends!!”

Drummond’s kids started filming episodes during the pandemic but they eventually moved on with their lives and the Food Network host brought the old film team back.

Ree Drummond’s fans miss her kids filming the shows

Some of Drummond’s fans admitted they miss seeing her kids in the mix since it provided a more casual vibe, with one fan noting that the host “seemed more real and relaxed” with her family.

“I really enjoyed the episodes with your kids filming you better. Not enjoying the new ones and something with the lighting is off in the new ones,” one of her followers commented.

Another fan shared, “I miss the kids filming. I thought Ree was so much more relatable and relaxed. A much better format and funnier with their camaraderie.”

One fan noted, “My favorite episodes have been ones with the family. Not that I don’t like episodes with your employee crew, but ones with family/kids… PHENOMENAL!!!!”

Another one of her followers commented, “I absolutely adored the episodes filmed by your kids. The shows were so natural. Seeing how you adapted to whatever ‘mistake’ happened during the shoot helped to reassure us that, even with mistakes, our meals can’t still look and taste fantastic.”


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Many of Drummond’s fans love the return to the old style

A lot of Drummond’s fans are happy that she’s back to the old style, which gives a glimpse at ranch life as she demonstrates her recipes.

“I know it was fun with the kids but I really like that you are back to being more instructional. Isn’t that what a cooking show is all about? Teaching your recipes?” one of her followers commented.

Another fan wrote, “I enjoy the latest episodes more. I did enjoy and appreciate your family filling in, but I like the structured shows more.”

“Glad new shows with professionals are back,” another fan remarked. “Loved seeing your kids (they are awesome) but enjoying the new shows.”

One person shared, “Loved the original format, so I’m loving these new episodes! I enjoy seeing the ranch and the cowboys!”