Ree Drummond’s Mean Green Fusilli Is a ‘Different’ Pioneer Woman Pasta Recipe: You’re Going to Love It’

Love Pioneer Woman pasta recipes but want something a little different? That’s where Ree Drummond’s Mean Green Fusilli comes in. The celebrity chef calls the recipe a slightly unusual take on her typical Pioneer Woman pasta. 

Ree Drummond’s Mean Green Fusilli is different but delicious

Ree Drummond poses in her kitchen where she tapes "The Pioneer Woman."
Ree Drummond | Discovery Press/Food Network

Don’t worry, Pioneer Woman pasta fans. The Super Easy cookbook author promises that although her Mean Green Fusilli’s a little different it still delivers on taste. 

“This is so cool, you guys. You’re going to love it,” she said on the “Never Enough Pasta” episode of The Pioneer Woman. “It’s got some different things going on,” she added before saying, “By different I mean delicious.” 

So how is it different from the 52-year-old’s other Pioneer Woman pasta recipes? For starters, Mean Green Fusilli has a spicy kick to it. Not only that but Drummond also tosses in an ingredient she wouldn’t normally use in this type of dish.

The Food Network star puts a twist on the Pioneer Woman pasta recipe with roasted peppers and fresh herbs

Drummond’s Mean Green Fusilli has two ingredients not often found in Pioneer Woman pasta recipes. The first is poblano chiles. Sure, on occasion Drummond might add them to a dish for spice. However, in this instance, it’s not necessarily the fact that she uses chiles but rather what she does with them. 

Drummond explained how she prepared the chiles on her show, saying she roasted them using the broiler before letting them sweat. “This is where the rubber meets the road, roasted poblano chiles,” she said as she added the peppers to a skillet. “So I roasted the peppers under the broiler until they were black. And then I took them out and put them in plastic bags to let them sweat. Then I scraped off the skin.” 

“Look at this incredible mixture,” she added as she stirred the onions, roasted peppers, and diced jalapeño. “That is some serious flavor right there. And those roasted peppers have little black bits, just incredible.”

Next comes fresh herbs. Drummond’s Mean Green Fusilli recipe instructions state, according to Food Network, she uses a hefty amount of fresh cilantro. And, as she said on her show, it’s an unusual addition for her. “I usually use cilantro in cold situations like pico de gallo and salsas but I like to cook with it too,” the Pioneer Woman said. 

Just because Drummond described the pasta dish as different doesn’t mean classic Pioneer Woman ingredients don’t make an appearance. After all, it wouldn’t be a Pioneer Woman pasta dish without a few of Drummond’s can’t-cook-without ingredients. Similar to many of her other recipes, butter and cream are on the ingredient list. 

‘The Pioneer Woman’ host suggests using tequila in the Mean Green Fusilli sauce 

Ree Drummond and Daphne Oz smile while doing a cooking demonstration.
Ree Drummond and Daphne Oz | Ida Mae Astute/Disney General Entertainment Content via Getty Images

Take what Drummond described as the dish’s “Tex-Mex vibe” to the next level by not following the recipe exactly. While preparing peppers and onions for what would later become the sauce Drummond put in a splash of white wine. Although, as she noted, tequila would also be a great option to complement the poblano and jalapeño peppers. White wine or tequila, Drummond tops off her Mean Fusilli with a generous amount of cheese and a splash of cream. 

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