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Following his success on Netflix’s Bridgerton season one, Regé-Jean Page was the celebrity guest on SNL this week. The actor, who played Simon, Duke of Hastings in the regency romance, graced the legendary stage with his charismatic presence, and of course, countless references to the show that gave him a global spotlight. In one of Page’s sketches, he sang Olivia Rodrigo‘s new smash hit song, “drivers license.” Read on to see his parody and the Disney+ star’s reaction to it, too.

Regé-Jean Page on 'SNL' where he parodied 'drivers license'
Regé-Jean Page on ‘Saturday Night Live’ on Feb. 20, 2021 | Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Regé-Jean Page hosted ‘SNL’ on Feb. 20 after ‘Bridgerton’ success

Page hit the SNL stage and from the start of his monologue, parodied his romance fantasy character from Bridgerton. There were plenty of jokes about his British accent, women fawning over him, and the more adult content of Bridgerton that might not be suitable to watch as a family. Page insisted he was a “nerd” while singing in the most romantic, extra way, and he even quoted Simon by saying, “I burn for you.”

Page starred in a later sketch parodying the fact that Bridgerton used an intimacy coordinator for the show’s sex scenes. And one of the most memorable sketches from the night was when the actor sang along to Rodrigo’s Billboard Top 100 song, “drivers license.”

How Regé-Jean Page on ‘SNL’ parodied ‘drivers license’

In the SNL parody of “drivers license,” a group of men gather around a pool table at a bar. Page’s character chooses to play “drivers license.” The group of guys grow emotional hearing the ballad and know plenty of the context surrounding the song’s lyrics and the drama of its release.

Page’s character explains that the song comes from the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star.

“Olivia wrote about Joshua Bassett who’s allegedly now with Sabrina Carpenter,” he said. “Listen!”

The men then all start singing along to the hit song.

Pete Davidson’s character comments that he gets Taylor Swift vibes from the song.

“I mean obviously it’s Taylor Swift. Taylor is the root,” Page’s character replied. “But it’s also pure Olivia, man.”

Davidson’s character references the Swift comparison again later in the sketch.

“Taylor shifted away from the autobiographical and now she’s in the pocket creatively,” Page argued. “Look at folklore man, ultimately she’s a freaking storyteller.”

All the men then come together for the bridge of the song, singing: “Red lights, stop signs, I still see your face in the white cars, front yards. Can’t drive past the place we used to go to.”

Olivia Rodrigo responded with absolute shock on Twitter


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The SNL sketch came at the perfect time. Feb. 20 happened to be Rodrigo’s birthday and she celebrated the sketch by replying on Twitter and posting Instagram Stories of her watching.

“‘Drivers License’ SNL sketch is the best birthday present ever I’m shaking,” the star reacted to the sketch on Twitter.

The SNL Twitter account quote-tweeted Rodrigo with a simple heart to show its appreciation in response.