Regina Hall vs. Regina King, Who Has the Higher Net Worth?

When it comes to star power, Regina Hall and Regina King are mighty. These A-listers boast enormous fan bases with fortunes to match. But which Regina is worth more?

Regina Hall and Regina King
Regina Hall and Regina King | George Pimentel/Getty Images

Regina Hall and Regina King have built solid careers

Hall and King are unique performers with distinct careers.

Hall perfected her comedic timing early in her career alongside the likes of the Wayans family. Movie buffs may recognize her from the Scary Movie series, The Best Man, and Girls Trip. Now, fans can catch Hall on Showtime’s Black Monday, which she co-stars and co-produces alongside Don Cheadle.

King rose to fame with meaty roles directed by pros, including John Singleton. Enthusiasts who have followed her career will remember her from Boyz n the Hood, Jerry Maguire, and If Beale Street Could Talk, for which she won an Academy Award. Next up, audiences can look forward to One Night in Miami, which King directed.

Both Hall and King have navigated projects ranging from drama to spoofs to action, all while solidifying themselves as two of the most sought-after entertainers in Hollywood. And there is a camp of fans who would love to see them on the big screen together.

One admirer tweeted, “We need to see Regina Hall and Regina King do a movie together!” It remains to be seen if they will partner for a future project, but movie fans continue to hold out hope.

Members of the press often mistake Regina Hall and Regina King for each other

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With such distinctive projects in their rearview and more on the horizon, it is surprising that anyone could mistake them for each other. But in an interview on Good Morning America, Hall explained that it happens quite frequently.

“We get confused all the time,” Hall told GMA, “But I do love Regina King. She’s incredible.” It appears that Hall’s admiration for King is a mutual feeling. The powerhouses have popped up in photographs together over the years and have also taken to social media to post notes of support for one another. What’s more, it seems that their esteem transcends the professional level.

On Hall’s birthday, King was sure to send her fellow thespian a shout out on Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, “Happy Worthday to the beautiful and talented [Regina Hall]. Appreciate you, Sis. If everyone had a friend to talk to like you the world would be a better place. Keep shining.”

Who boasts the bigger fortune?

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According to Celebrity Net Worth, both Hall and King have amassed considerable wealth. The outlet estimates Hall’s total net worth to be $4 million, while King has built an estimated $12 million fortune.

With solid reputations as talented stars with a strong work ethic, Hall and King have placed themselves on a trajectory to earn even more acclaim and increase their wealth. And despite the frequent cases of mistaken identity, they seem to have genuine respect for each other.

“Love this Beauty! And not just because her parents have great taste in names,” wrote King about Hall on Instagram.