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The Baeumler family stars on HGTV’s newest renovation show, Renovation Island. The show originally premiered in Canada as “Island of Bryan” but received a name switch when producers wanted the show to run in the United States.

Though new episodes are still premiering, the family’s Bahamian resort has officially opened. And it comes with some pretty amazing amenities.

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler
Bryan and Sarah Baeumler | Sarah Baeumler via Instagram

Caerula Mar Club opened in 2019

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler decided back in 2017 that they would take on the massive challenge of revitalizing an old resort on South Andros Island in the Bahamas. The Canadian natives pitched the project to HGTV Canada, and the network ran with it.

The property took more than a year from start to finish, and there were certainly ups and downs in the process; the show details just how challenging it is to renovate a 10-acre property. Today, it has become a luxury boutique hotel called Caerula Mar Club. The resort has since been closed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic but is set to reopen in October 2020. 

The resort features high-end, luxury villas

According to the resort’s website, guests can stay in a wide range of luxury rooms, from clubhouse suites to private villas. Each of the 18 villas is tastefully decorated with a slightly different style, so each unit has a different name. The private Ocean Reef villa features two bedrooms and a beachfront location, plus a walk-in marble shower and private outdoor space with seating. The clubhouse suites are smaller than the villas at 310 square feet but boast similar quality accommodations, such as high-end finishes and a private outdoor space.

There are exquisite dining options — for a price

Caerula Mar Club features a main restaurant, Lusca, along with a café and smoothie bar, Switcha, and Driff’s Beach Bar. For $135 per person per day, guests can opt into a dining plan, which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, alcohol is not included, so it’s not quite an “all-inclusive” option the way many Caribbean resorts are.

Guests can also choose to dine a la carte. At Lusca, starters range from $14 to $19, with most entrees somewhere between $40 and $50. Dessert will cost an additional $14 to $18. Smoothies at Switcha are $10 each, and Driff’s lunch options are anywhere from $15 to $23.

The resort’s menu takes advantage of Bahamian culture, offering local seafood dishes such as conch fritters, fish ceviche, and freshly caught hogfish.

The hotel offers guided hikes and nature tours, among other outdoor accommodations

Part of the reason the Baeumler family fell in love with South Andros was for its pristine, untouched natural elements. The resort also offers island experiences, including snorkeling and kayaking, as well as nature tours. Guests can explore mangroves via a boating tour or a guided nature hike through South Andros’ Blue Holes.


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Caerula Mar Club has experienced its set of challenges, from opening past its original deadline to closing for Hurricane Dorian to shutting its doors due to coronavirus. Still, the family has produced what guests have called a resort with “wonderful” staff and “exceptional” service. Needless to say, it’s totally on our bucket list.