‘Renovation Island’: The Baeumler Family Resort Features Amazing Dining Options

Renovation Island is HGTV’s newest renovation show, but it goes far beyond remodeling a home. Bryan and Sarah Baeumler purchased an old, run-down boutique hotel on South Andros in the Bahamas, and the show highlights the trials and tribulations of renovating a resort.

The family’s hotel, Caerula Mar, opened in 2019 — with some high-end dining options.  

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler
Bryan and Sarah Baeumler | Sarah Baeumler via Instagram

Sarah and Bryan Baeumler took a chance on renovating the resort

When Sarah and Bryan visited the Bahamas previously with their family, they discovered the hidden gem on South Andros. Bryan, a well-known Canadian contractor, and Sarah, a designer, saw it as an opportunity to take on their biggest design challenge yet. HGTV greenlit the show back in 2017, and renovations started in 2018.

Over the course of more than a year, Sarah and Bryan put everything into remodeling the resort. They moved their kids down to the Bahamas and left Canada behind, even enrolling them in school to take on the renovations. The show highlights the trials and triumphs of renovating a hotel, from the difficulty in ordering materials to the indecision in designs.

The resort’s main restaurant provides an elegant dining experience

The resort officially opened back in 2019, and guests can expect a luxury experience upon arrival. It’s a boutique hotel, meaning there are only a small number of villas, giving everyone an intimate experience. And the dining options are just what someone would expect at a place like Caerula Mar.

According to the hotel’s website, Chef Sebastian Perez is the mastermind behind the culinary experience. Lusca, the hotel’s main restaurant, features breakfast options ranging from $12 to $19. Lighter fare includes a bowl of fruit and berries or the Caerula tostada (toasted sunflower seed rye bread, guacamole, red onion, tomato, and arugula). Heavier dishes include eggs Benedict and the Andros omelet (three eggs, shrimp, double smoked bacon, asparagus, dill, fresh mozzarella cheese).

For dinner, entrée prices range from $32 to $48, with options that highlight the flavors of the Bahamas. For a more modest $32, guests can order marinated tofu with grilled vegetables, or cauliflower steak and vegetables in a smoked cashew cream with pomegranate seeds. More expensive options include the braised lamb shank with creamy polenta, and Ahi tuna with vegetables. Appetizers and desserts each start at $14.

There are casual dining options, too

Lusca is the hotel’s main dining area, but if guests want something lighter or more relaxed, they can visit Switcha or Driffs Beach Bar. Switcha is more of a bakery and café, with a wide range of smoothies available for $10. The café also offers coffee, tea, and other breakfast beverages, along with light bites such as pastries and homemade gelato, which range from $2.50 to $7.


‘Renovation Island’: The Baeumler Family’s Resort Comes With Some Pretty Incredible Amenities

Driffs is a beachfront, beach-bar style restaurant offering lunch options at varying prices. Guests can enjoy shared plates such as lobster bites or guacamole and chips, all between $12 and $32. Salads hover around $16 each, and tacos around $15. Lunch entrées, such as the grilled vegetable ciabatta and steak & frites, range from $18 to $24. 

Caerula Mar resort was forced to close due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but the family is taking reservations for bookings after October 24, 2020.