‘Renovation Island’: The Baeumler Family’s Luxury Bahamas Resort Is Finally Open for Reservations

The only thing better than watching Bryan and Sarah Baeumler renovate their luxury Bahamas resort is checking in. Unfortunately, Renovation Island fans haven’t been able to book a room and experience their talents firsthand so far. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced the property to remain closed to visitors for the safety of everyone.

But now that most countries are reporting fewer and fewer cases of the virus, international travel bans are beginning to loosen. Fans who were stuck in their homes for months can only dream of staying at the idyllic island retreat the Baeumlers created on HGTV’s Renovation Island.

When can you travel to see the Baeumlers in South Andros and how much will it cost? The answers are all right here.

The ‘Renovation Island’ Bahamas resort opened in 2019

The timing might be a little confusing for new fans of the Baeumlers. The couple found the shuttered property during a vacation visit to South Andros Island and came up with the wild idea to renovate it. Bryan was already a seasoned renovation pro, lending his talents to HGTV shows including Disaster DIY and House of Bryan.

The show Island of Bryan (later renamed Renovation Island in the US) began filming in 2018 after the Baeumlers and their children sold their “forever home” in Canada. They quickly got to work renovating the 18 room hotel and clubhouse, which also had 22 villas, turning it into a dreamy boutique hotel destination.

The Caerula Mar Club opened for business in winter 2019 after a close call with Hurricane Dorian.

The Baemlers shut down the resort but are reopening in October

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler
Bryan and Sarah Baeumler | Sarah Baeumler via Instagram

Everything was going well for the Baeumlers, minus a few snags with delivery delays, until an unprecedented global crisis changed the world overnight. Bryan and Sarah were forced to shut down the resort in 2020 not long after it first opened for business.

However, there’s a bright side to the story. The Caerula Mar Club recently announced they were accepting reservations beginning Oct. 24, 2020. The website confirms that the date is subject to change based on conditions.

They also offer peace of mind to guests by allowing them to postpone dates of travel for up to one year past the original reservation date.

How much does it cost to stay at the ‘Renovation Island’ resort?

If you are interested in a tropical getaway, it’s time to start saving up now. The gorgeous Caerula Mar Club includes luxury accommodations, amenities, and gourmet dining that doesn’t come cheap.

A room at Caerula Mar Club starts at $385 per night. A private beach villa will set you back $865 per night and up. But with that, you’ll have access to the million-dollar views, white sand beaches, and total tranquility. And, seeing the spot that the Baeumlers poured their hearts into is a must for any fan.

Dates are filling up quickly. Make a reservation at the Caerula Mar Club website or, take an armchair vacation by catching Renovation Island on HGTV.