‘Resident Alien’ Season 3 is Official – Before Season 2 Finale

Harry and Patience, Colorado, are in for even more extraterrestrial fun. Ahead of the second half of Resident Alien Season 2, SyFy announced the renewal of a third season. The series starring Alan Tudyk is a hit among fans and is based on the Dark Horse comic of the same name. With the finale coming in August, fans are excited for more alien drama in Resident Alien Season 3.

SyFy greenlights ‘Resident Alien’ Season 3

On Thursday, July 21, SyFy made the official announcement to continue with Resident Alien Season 3. A Twitter post reads, “Harry’s officially back for thirds. #ResidentAlien will return for Season 3, and don’t miss the rest of Season 2 on August 10!”

A very comical photo of Tudyk accompanied the tweet as his alien character. With news of a third season, fans are excited to see how the second season will end. The third season’s storyline is unclear and has not been revealed by the cast of SyFy. The series is based on the original comics, so fans can get a sneak peek and a possible idea of what will happen.

The series has already proven to follow key storylines from the comics. Fans saw this when Harry and Asta (Sara Tomko) traveled to New York and investigated the artist and alien Goliath. There is also the introduction of the alien baby. With the second half of the second season leading to the possible destruction of Earth, Resident Alien Season 3 promises more alien turmoil.

Cast member Elizabeth Bowen could not contain her excitement. On Twitter she posted, “SEASON THREE! SEASON THREE! SEASON THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!”

Humans and Harry’s friends are in danger in ‘Resident Alien’ Season 2

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Before getting too excited about Resident Alien Season 3, fans must see what transpires in Resident Alien Season 2 Part 2. The first half of the season ended in a cliffhanger. Not only did the alien baby hatch and causes a risk to the people of Patience, but Asta learned the truth about Harry’s people. They are on their way to destroying humankind.

To make matters worse, Harry learns there is another more dangerous race of aliens in town. There is also the added risk of General McCallister uncovering Harry’s existence. Fans must also not forget the drama and crimes committed by human Harry. The second half of Resident Alien Season 2 will also address Asta murdering a man to save Harry.

According to TVLine, Tomko explains, “They must deal with the emotional fallout of the night all while searching for the alien baby — a search that leads to big realizations for each of them.” The trailer shows Harry still refusing to accept the human emotions he has developed and Patience getting a rude awakening

What time does ‘Resident Alien’ Season 2 premiere?

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Knowing Resident Alien Season 3 is confirmed, waiting for season two is even more nerve-wracking. But fans do not have to wait long as the second half will premiere on Wednesday, August 10 at 10 p.m. on SyFy.

The first half was eight episodes, with showrunner Chris Sherdian planning for a mid-season finale. Sheridan planned for the second half also to be comprised of eight episodes. The second season was six episodes longer than the first season. With an August 10 premiere date and SyFy airing weekly episodes, the second season is estimated to end on September 28.

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