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Did you hear the news?! Chris Pratt just won a major award. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss something at the latest awards show. In fact, Pratt’s award has nothing to do with acting at all. You could even say that the award belongs to someone else. Who? Well his ewe Cacao, of course!

Chris Pratt Lego Movie 2 The Second Part premiere
Chris Pratt | Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images

Cacao took home the blue ribbon

Recently, Pratt took to Instagram and boasted about his latest win, “I hate when celebrities brag on here… but I have to..Our ewe (female sheep) named ‘Cacao’ just took home a blue ribbon at Fiberpalooza [sic]!!!! Boom chic-Cacao cao!” The ewe took home first place at the Washington State University Country Living Expo Fleece and Fiber Palooza.

Pratt joked on Live with Kelly and Ryan, “My role in Fallen Kingdom: Jurassic World 2 didn’t get an Oscar nom but my prize-winning Romney sheep took her a blue ribbon at Fiberpalooza. So we’re very happy.”

The actor has a bustling farm full of animals

The fact that Pratt has an enormous amount of farm animals should come as no surprise to anyone who follows the star on Instagram. Pratt has previously posted pictures of his sheep and other animals on his account. Last year he posted a video of his son, with ex-wife Anna Faris, playing in the fields with the sheep, captioning, “I look at these sheep and I see myself. I see us. I see animals with spirits mirroring their master…”

Pratt told Ryan and Kelly that at any given time he has 30+ pigs, 160 or more sheep, and 60 chickens. He raises the animals on a farm in an undisclosed location in Washington state. Pratt grew up in Lake Stevens, Washington.

Pratt’s not the only one raising animals

As Rippa pointed out, the Guardians of the Galaxy star isn’t the only one in the sheep raising business, fellow actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan also has his share of animals. Rippa told Pratt that she thinks that Pratt and Morgan share a common interest and should be friends. Pratt quipped, “It sounds like we should be friends or either mortal enemies. Depends on how competitive he is.”

Like Pratt, Morgan has more than just sheep on his farm. In December the Walking Dead star made the news for adopting Jack and Diane, a donkey and emu who had fallen in love at a Charlotte animal rescue. According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, the actor found out that the pair was in need of a home through social media. Morgan responded that he would be glad to take them in and the rest was organized through emails.

Pratt maintains a full-time home in LA

Though the movie star has a large farm and animals in his home state of Washington, Pratt just recently purchased a home in LA with fiance Katherine Schwarzenegger. The two purchased a home in the same neighborhood as Pratt’s ex, Faris. The move was reportedly made to comply with the terms of the former couple’s divorce settlement. Pratt and Faris share a six-year-old son. The agreement states that the parents must reside within five miles of each other.

How often does the star visit his ranch?

Pratt’s busy filming schedule and custody schedule mean that the actor spends most of his time in LA. But the actor tries to get away to his San Juan farm as much as he can. In 2016, after a grueling 14 months of filming, the actor took his family on a six-month break and spent time at the farm. He told People Magazine they spent a lot of time fishing, crabbing, and having fires, calling the trip “the dream summer that we’ve all been waiting for.”