‘Revenge’ Star Shades Virtual Cast Reunion: ‘As Per Usual I Was Not Invited’

Unforgettable as a tale of retribution, heartbreak, and deception, ABC’s Revenge was a hit when it dropped in 2011. The network canceled it after four seasons, but not before fans saw Emily VanCamp’s Amanda Clarke/Emily Thorne find peace and triumph in her quest against the Grayson family.

The soapy drama turned Madeleine Stowe into the villain viewers loved to hate while Nolan, Emily, and Jack were heroes. While the TV show had fans glued to their seats during its heyday, it’s now missed.

The cast has moved on to other projects, but an upcoming reunion has some fans excited and others wondering why at least one actor won’t be present.

'Revenge' cast season 2
Season 2 of ‘Revenge’ with Gabriel Mann, Emily VanCamp, Margarita Levieva, Nick Wechsler, Connor Paolo, Christa B. Allen | Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

A ‘Revenge’ reunion is planned for February

In an age when cast members from fan favorite flicks and TV series are coming together due to the pandemic, it feels inevitable that Revengers would receive a turn. Tixr is hosting the Revenge reunion event on Feb. 6 at 4 p.m. CST.

The audience can expect to see VanCamp, Barry Sloane (Aiden), Josh Bowman (Daniel), and Nick Wechsler (Jack) in the lineup. While the reunion itself will stream for free, there are also opportunities for one-on-one gaming or hangout interactions with some cast members, personalized video messages, autographs, and merchandise for a fee.

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Christa B. Allen isn’t part of the reunion

Christa B. Allen played Charlotte Grayson in the series, the spoiled yet conflicted daughter of Victoria and Conrad. She recently hit Instagram to address fans who wanted to know if she would be participating in the upcoming reunion. It’s a no.

Allen posted a photo on her page of herself, Ashley Madekwe, and VanCamp with a note about the event. “I’m getting a lot of DMs about the Revenge virtual reunion happening on February 6th. of course I would’ve loved to be there with you all, but as per usual I was not invited. if the entry fee for this reunion is a bit much during these tough times, feel free to come hang out with me on TikTok live the same time, same day for free.99,” she wrote.

When one fan implied her attitude may be to blame for the exclusion, Allen made a comment that suggested there was some bullying activity involved among the cast. Stowe replied to her Instagram message and stated she’d love to sign up for TikTok to see Allen.

Back in 2019, Allen did a Revenge-themed Q&A on her YouTube channel where she addressed a question about whether she kept in touch with her castmates. She stated that as with most jobs, you may like some co-workers and don’t interact with others.

Where to stream ‘Revenge’

For those who can’t make the reunion or Allen’s TikTok session, there’s the option to stream Revenge online. Currently, it’s available via Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, or YouTube.

Although the entire main cast of the series won’t be attending the reunion, fans should tune in on Feb. 6 to catch up with some of their favorite actors.