Reviewers Say Ree Drummond’s Chicken Bacon Sliders Aren’t as Easy to Assemble as She Makes It Seem on ‘The Pioneer Woman’

TL; DR: 

  • Ree Drummond prepares chicken bacon sliders on The Pioneer Woman.
  • Some reviewers say pulling warm rolls apart is more difficult than Ree Drummond makes it appear on TV.
  • Reviewers suggest a modification to Ree Drummond’s recipe.

Too hot to handle. Some reviewers say the Pioneer Woman makes separating rolls fresh out of the oven look easy on TV. However, in their experience, it’s anything but. That’s why some suggest an alternate way of preparing the Pioneer Woman sliders.

Ree Drummond doctors up Hawaiian rolls for her chicken bacon sliders

Drummond’s recipe for chicken bacon sliders calls for sweet rolls. Her pick is Hawaiian rolls because, as she said on The Pioneer Woman, “they’re so easy to put on a sheet pan and warm up for the sliders.” 

She takes it a step further, brushing the tops with a mixture of melted butter and everything bagel seasoning. “Topping them is totally optional, but [I] love, love this kind of food,” she said.

Drummond doesn’t stop there. Even though the Hawaiian rolls are already baked, the Super Easy! author bakes them again. “I’m putting them in the oven until they get a little bit toasty and golden brown on top,” she said while filming at the Pioneer Woman lodge

Reviewers suggest separating the rolls for the Pioneer Woman sliders before they go in the oven, not after

On The Pioneer Woman, when Drummond pulls the rolls out of the oven, she can be seen moving right along with separating the rolls. “Oh, my gosh. These Hawaiian rolls are a dream,” she said as she cut them in half one by one.

This is where reviewers suggested a change to the original recipe. 

“The buns are very hot coming out of the oven, especially with the melted butter soaked in,” a reviewer wrote. “So the video scene of Ree pulling them apart from their ‘brick form’ and then slicing them looks a tad painful and time-consuming.”

“Instead, I took the brick of buns out of the package, sliced them in half to separate the tops from the bottoms, laid the two halves open-faced, and applied softened butter to them,” they explained. “After baking until barely toasted, I used a pizza slicer wheel to separate the buns.” 

Other reviewers chimed in, saying they also cut the rolls in half horizontally before baking. One even said the entire assembly process was a challenge. “They were not as easy to put together as Ree makes it look! I had guests and was really sweating getting these together,” they wrote. 

Most reviewers like Ree Drummond’s chicken bacon sliders

Ree Drummond, who has a chicken bacon sliders recipe, does a cooking demonstration with Savannah Guthrie
Savannah Guthrie and Ree Drummond | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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Despite reviewers suggesting a change to Drummond’s chicken bacon sliders recipe, most, if not all, liked the final dish. At the time of writing, Drummond’s sliders average five stars on Food Network’s website. 

Based on comments from reviewers, the marinade stands out. “So delish. It’s all in the marinade!” one person wrote. Another said they “really like the marinade” and will probably keep using it. 

“The chicken marinade is so good!” added another. Someone else chimed in with, “The marinade MAKES it!” 

Described by one reviewer as “so good and tangy,” the marinade for Drummond’s chicken bacon sliders is a honey-Dijon mustard mixture.