‘RHOA’ Adds Yovanna Momplaisir Full Time for Season 13 Despite Nene Leakes Snakegate Drama

Yovanna Momplaisir is coming back for another drama-filled season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Sources claim that Bravo invited Yovanna to star in season 13 of the hit reality show, despite everything that went down between her and Nene Leakes. The casting decision will probably not go over well with the other RHOA stars, and insiders say that most of her storyline will revolve around the same scandal that rocked season 12.

Yovanna Momplaisir
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‘RHOA’ cast was shocked when Yovanna Momplaisir appeared on the reunion

Yovanna’s Snakegate scandal with Nene was one of the hottest topics in season 12 of RHOA. During the cast trip to Canada, the RHOA stars confronted Yovanna about secretly spying on them for Nene.

After being put in the hot seat, Yovanna eventually revealed that Nene had asked her to find out who was talking trash behind her back. There were a lot of questions about if Yovanna recorded any conversations, which led to some of the women calling her a “snitch.”

Given everything that had happened, most cast members did not expect to see Yovanna at the season 12 reunion (though Kenya Moore and Eva Marcille seemed happy to see her). Little did they know that host Andy Cohen had already invited Yovanna to the reunion to share her side of the story.

Unfortunately, Nene was not on hand to defend herself as she had walked away in the previous weeks’ reunion episode. But that didn’t stop Yovanna from spilling the tea on everything that happened with Nene.

Yovanna slams Nene for ditching the reunion

With Nene nowhere to be found, Yovanna did not mince words about what went down in season 12 of RHOA. According to The Sun, Yovanna opened things up by telling Andy that Nene skipped out on her segment because “she’s afraid of the truth.”

Cynthia Bailey quickly came to Yovanna’s defense and argued that NeNe would have made the reunion if she had evidence that proved Yovanna was lying.

“If Yovanna is over here lying and made all this up, why would Nene not be here to expose Yovanna?” Cynthia shared. “Why would she not take the opportunity to do that, to clear her own damn name? Since the fact that Yovanna is here and Nene chooses not to be here, is all I need to see.”

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The conversation got pretty tense after Andy asked Yovanna point-blank if Nene asked her to record conversations she had with other cast members. Without hesitation Yovanna told Andy “absolutely.”

The comment is not going to go over well with Nene, especially now that Yovanna has been cast to return in season 13.

What did Nene have to say about the drama?

NeNe has yet to comment on Yovanna’s casting news. Back in April, Nene addressed the Snakegate drama on Instagram by sharing screenshots of text messages between her and Yovanna.

Nene argued that the texts prove that Yovanna is lying about what happened on the show. She also believes that the messages show that Yovanna approached her first with dirt on other cast members, not the other way around.

“OH YOU NEED DATE AND TIME? NO PROBLEM!….what i think or what i know? I know the thirst is real. Oh my video going up on YouTube shortly! Me, YoYo, my producer,  an executive, her hubby, and my hubby all met at the Intercontinental hotel n buckhead to discuss this audio she had. What I’m i telling you for, I HAVE THE RECEIPTS because i felt this day would come….dropping tomorrow! For real good nite now,” NeNe wrote.

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The RHOA star went on to share screenshots of the texts between her and Yovanna. In one of the messages, Yovanna told Nene that she was unsure about sharing a video of her co-stars because she filmed it without their consent.

The text messages go against what Yovanna has claimed on the show, which could make things very interesting if Nene returns next season.

Yovanna Momplaisir to return to ‘RHOA’ in season 13

With Yovanna delivering plenty of drama on RHOA, TMZ reports that producers have officially invited her back for season 13.

Inside sources told the outlet that Bravo offered Yovanna another contract right after the reunion wrapped up. The network reportedly sent invitations to the rest of the cast as well, though it is unclear who has agreed to return for another run.

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Considering how Yovanna and Nene never had a chance to confront each other over the Snakegate drama, season 13 is already poised for some major drama.

Bravo has not revealed when season 13 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta will premiere, but the series should be back late this year.