‘RHOA’: Are Nene Leakes and Wendy Williams Still Friends After Leaking Private Text?

Nene Leakes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Wendy Williams had rekindled their friendship over the summer but a slip of the tongue might have ended it again. The talk show host was interviewing Housewives fan Jerry O’Connell when she revealed that Leakes was quitting RHOA. Williams revealed the private text conversation on-air. She gave no context to the text but just said the OG of the ATL was leaving the reality series.

Wendy Williams and Nene Leakes
Wendy Williams and Nene Leakes | Johnny Nunez/WireImage / Prince Williams/WireImage

Leakes took to Twitter to address what Williams had said saying that the private conversation should’ve remained private. After weeks of speculation, host Andy Cohen asked her about their friendship.

“Me and Wendy and Marlo [Hampton] went [out] together today we shopped and had lunch, honey,” Leakes said on Watch What Happens Live.

An insider close to the RHOA star further revealed that the drama didn’t last long and they were able to talk things out.

“They were able to move past it pretty quickly and their friendship was not affected by this. Nene and Wendy have worked hard on rebuilding their friendship after years of not speaking, and Nene wants to trust that Wendy would never do that to her again,” a source told Hollywood Life.

The insider also said that Leakes is completely different now and doesn’t hold a grudge.

“Nene doesn’t deal with drama or hold grudges in her life like she used to,” the insider added. “Despite the fact that she was really mad at Wendy for how she handled things, she has a lot of fun with Wendy and she’s not holding a grudge.”

Wendy Williams involves Nene Leakes in more drama

Leakes revealed that she went out to lunch with Williams since they are in good terms. When the TV host talked about her outing with the RHOA star, new drama w started. Williams insinuated she was racially profiled at a luxurious department store.

“We not just shopped, we went upstairs and had lunch—the whole bit. The three of us take over. And can I tell you something about security? They treated us like ‘the hood’ that they treat us,” Williams claimed. “You can earn what you want, you can do what you want but when you are what you are, you better not be surprised about how people treat you. We were followed like we were about to do something.”

When Leakes made an appearance on The Breakfast Club radio show, she was asked about the incident. In contrast to Williams, Leakes never felt that she was profiled.

“I was there, but I didn’t see it like how she saw it, I didn’t see it like how Marlo saw it,” she said. “I did see security, but I just thought security was just there, I don’t know.”

Leakes said that it was Hampton that brought up the “being followed” comment.

“I feel like her and Marlo were playing a little bit in the store, like playing around laughing,” Leakes continued. “Marlo mentioned it to me, she said ‘do you know security has been following us since we got here?’ I said, really? I didn’t pay them any attention and Marlo said, ‘I think they’re just fascinated.’”

On the next day, Williams walked back her claims saying that she didn’t perceive anyone following her. It was at the end of their lunch that Hampton made reference to security following them once they were out of the store.