‘RHOA:’ Eva Marcille Says She’s Looking Forward To Clearing The Air With Porsha Williams At Upcoming Reunion

Eva Marcille’s involvement in this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta has been minimal due to her being pregnant for the majority of the season. The former model has kept a low profile and tried to steer clear of the drama in order to focus on expanding her family.

Unfortunately, she found herself at odds with her once good friend, Porsha Williams, over both of the women feeling the other made shady comments. Marcille says their relationship remains strained and she hopes to get things back on track at the upcoming reunion special. 

Eva Marcille and Porsha Williams’s issues on ‘RHOA’ began after Marcille made comments about Williams’s relationship drama

Williams and Marcille formed a bond during season 11 of RHOA but it was put to the test at the beginning of season 12. Things began to get shaky during Kenya Moore’s reveal party for her daughter Brooklyn. 

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All of the ladies were invited and instructed to bring their kids, as it was an event for children. Marcille showed up without her children and when asked why by Williams, Marcille responded that she did not feel safe bringing her children around Moore for the first time and wanted to feel out Moore’s “energy” first.

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Williams took the information back to Moore and Moore was offended. After Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey informed Marcille of Moore being upset, Marcille defended her actions. She claimed Moore, and some of the other ladies, were known to get “turnt” during group events. Being pregnant and having her children with her was not something she wanted to risk in the event that there was drama at the party. But when Burruss revealed that the message was relayed by Williams, Marcille went off.

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“Porsha just had a baby and I tiptoed around her whole little feelings. If you want me to go off…Porsha had enough bulls**t going on in her life and she can converse about that,” she said. “She needs some business and I can forward her a lot of these blogs so she can mind that business. She still got her c-section healing and she over here worried about somebody else’s baby.”

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Eva Marcille says her and Porsha Williams are not in a good place – wants to clear the air at ‘RHOA’ reunion

When Williams discovered Marcille’s remarks, she was not happy, considering they were directed at the relationship drama she was dealing with after finding out her fiance cheated on her. She confronted Marcille in a later scene while on a cast trip to Toronto.

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“The reason I could not believe you said it is because you are the main one out of all of these girls who say to me, ‘Girl I got you, I will never let anyone say something about your personal life,’” Williams told Marcille. “For me to hear that you threw that s**t in the air, as a friend, it hurt.”

Marcille denied that she’d said such comments but the damage was done and their relationship hasn’t been the same since. 

During an interview with Bravo’s Daily Dish podcast, Marcille said she’s excited for the upcoming reunion special so that she can finally clear the air with Williams. 

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“Her and I are definitely not in the place that I’d want us to be. I think she’s a great person, we’ve definitely bumped heads as of late and have not really hashed it out,” she explained. “The reunion will genuinely be the first time we get a chance…I mean she has my phone number, so she can definitely call but beyond that, I think it’ll be the first time we hash it out.”

When asked by the host who she thinks will have the most issues with her at the reunion special, Marcille answered confidently: Porsha. Though Marcille does not believe their issues are beyond repair, she explained that Williams may be hesitant to resolve things in order to solidify her spot next season.