‘RHOA’: Falynn Pina Denies Simon Guobadia’s Claims That She Became Pregnant While They Were Married

Falynn Pina (formerly Guobadia) is clearing up rumors that she became pregnant while still married to her ex, Simon Guobadia. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has been accused of cheating with her now partner amid Guobadia’s controversial engagement to Porsha Williams. 

Simon Guobadia and Porsha Williams
Simon Guobadia and Porsha Williams attend the Big Fight weekend Party at Republic 2021 | Prince Williams/WireImage

Falynn Pina announces pregnancy and denies claims she’s 8 months pregnant

Weeks ago, Pina confirmed that she and her “best friend” Jaylan Banks were an item. Her ex, Guobadia, alleged she’d been having an affair with Banks while they were still together. But Pina says otherwise. Instead, she says she fought for her marriage and when Guobadia opted out, she moved on with Banks.

In a recent YouTube video on her new channel, Pina and Banks announced they were expecting their first child together. This will be Banks’ first baby, making Pina a mother of four. Pina took a moment to dispel rumors that she became pregnant while still with Guobadia. She also shot down speculation that she’s 8 months pregnant.

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“I am not 8 months along, somebody put that narrative out that somebody was divorcing me because I was pregnant with my best friend’s child,” she said. “I am just a few months and still kinda blubbery, it’s not a hard surface just yet,” she said while rubbing her belly…[So] no, I’m not. I’m newly pregnant and I’m happy, we’re happy.”

She also notes that this is the happiest she’s been while pregnant, explaining she had her three sons at just 17, 18, and 23, saying:

I’ve never actually been happy and pregnant before – I never really had a real pregnancy where I was mentally stable or financially capable. This is the first pregnancy when I feel secure even with everything going on in the media. I’m very happy about it. I know what it looks like, I know what the comments are about–I could give a s*** because I am he to not protect any of you, I’m here to protect my baby.

Simon Guobadia previously alleged Falynn Pina became pregnant while they were married

Guobadia initially filed divorce documents in January 2021 but decided to work through his issues with Pina. He says he filed again upon discovering Pina and Banks’ alleged affair and pregnancy. 

In an Instagram post, Guobadia shared photos from his security footage that he says catches Pina and Banks in the act. He alleges they fooled around while he was out of town.

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“Tell me how many husbands or wives should tolerate this type of behavior from their spouse?????” Simon captioned a video of Banks “sneaking into his home.” “I filed for divorce a second time AFTER this video. She got a baby to prove that she was actively cheating.”

Pina says the timeline of events per Guobadia does not add up. She says it’s impossible for her to have conceived with Banks in the timeframe alleged by Guobadia because Banks was jailed for an offense he committed three years ago.

In the same YouTube video, Pina and Banks promise to tell their subscribers their love story in due time. Right now, Pina says her focus is having a safe and healthy pregnancy.