RHOA: Fans Are Dragging Kenya Moore For Latest Drama With Tanya Sam

What started off as a potentially great friendship between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Kenya Moore – and friend to the show Tanya Sam – now appears to be permanently damaged.

Kenya Moore
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Moore claims she supported Sam’s desire to become a mother only for Sam to return the favor by throwing unnecessary shade to fit in with the rest of the cast. But Moore’s latest actions have viewers pissed with her and they believe she’s taken things too far. 

Kenya Moore brings a woman on the show who accuses Tanya Sam’s fiancé of flirting

In an episode that aired weeks ago, Moore caused hysteria when she questioned the group about infidelity in relationships. Moore asked a seemingly general question about whether or not the ladies in the group would want to be notified on if their significant other was flirty or cheating with another woman. Though all the ladies agreed they would, the problem was that Moore was indirectly referencing a situation involving Sam and her fiancé.

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In an unseen clip that was used in a reference to the conversation, Moore and co-star Cynthia Bailey were approached by a vendor in Bailey’s wine cellar known as “the cookie lady.” According to the woman, Sam’s fiancé not only flirted with her at a local bar, but he claimed he was single and asked for her contact number.

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Moore did not reveal the conversation to the group during the discussion but both Bailey and Kandi Burruss were privy to the information. When Moore asked Sam what the status of her relationship with her fiancé was, Sam responded that her love life was “close to perfect.” Moore chose to not reveal the details to Sam but took pleasure in knowing of the alleged interaction.

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After Sam caught wind of Moore withholding the alleged flirting debacle, she decided to reveal some shady information regarding Moore wearing a wig. Moore has prided herself on only wearing her natural hair to coincide with her successful natural hair product line. Moore was pissed over Sam’s revelation and when she confronted her about it, she brought “the cookie lady” to the meeting to divulge about her exchange with Sam’s fiancé as payback. 

Fans slam Kenya Moore for introducing “The Cookie Lady”

Sam and Moore had a heated exchange during their meeting regarding the wig fiasco. Moore took offense to Sam sharing that she wore a wig and claimed that it jeopardized her business as it appeared she was partaking in false advertising practices. Sam disagreed.

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Fans were not pleased with Moore’s behavior, especially in terms of her ambushing Sam at their meet up. Viewers expressed their disgust with Moore’s seemingly messy behavior by the ambush and also let it be known that Moore’s overall reaction was unwarranted – especially because her wearing a wig was pretty obvious. They let their opinions be heard loud and clear during a live chat of the Feb. 9 airing of RHOA. 

Kenya Moore and Tanya Sam
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“Kenya is disgusting the way she’s talking to Tanya only proves that she’s a horrible person,” one viewer wrote. “You should be able to sit with anyone and have a [sic] intelligent conversation.

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“Kenya is mad that people saw the wig that they already knew she wore,” one viewer commented.

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Fans also scolded Moore for speaking about Sam’s potential relationship drama when she herself has her own marital issues. 

“Kenya did all that “my husband” at the table with Tanya just for Bravo to turn around and show us yet another scene of her husband ignoring her existence,” another viewer noted.

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Moore is standing by her interaction with Sam. She firmly believes that Sam could have tarnished her brand with the wig incident. Sam, on the other hand, is disappointed in the lengths she says Moore went to in order to be shady.