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Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore claim to be the best friend pair of Real Housewives of Atlanta but their friendship has been questioned by some cast members and viewers after the latest episode. The two found themselves in a small rift after Bailey felt Moore took jabs at her wine cellar and retail business. Fans of the show also called Moore out on social media throughout the episode.

Kenya Moore questions Cynthia Bailey’s knowledge about wine 

Bailey opened a wine cellar last year. She sells a variation of wines from over the world while also hosting events and tastings. While in Greece, Bailey took the opportunity to dig into the country’s wine history and offerings.

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The ladies also participated in one of Greece’s best attractions – dinner in the sky! They dined and sipped on some of the finest wines while sitting 100 ft above ground. The views were extraordinary and they basked at the moment but things shifted when Moore began questioning Bailey about wine.

After the chef allowed the cast a tasting of Rosé – which Bailey noted was her favorite type of wine – Moore asked Bailey what type of dish she would pair the Rosé with. When Bailey responded that she’d pair it with seafood or chicken, Moore made note that the wine would overpower the seafood.

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“So when are you are choosing your wine, do you completely ignore the meal you’re having with the wine,” Moore asked. 

The other cast members noticed Moore hammering Bailey with questions and at one point, Porsha Williams even whispered some tips in Bailey’s ear.  Moore continued, even asking Bailey about how many variations of red wine exists. It wasn’t until Kandi Burruss stepped in, asking Moore, “How many are you selling at your spot?”
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Williams and Tanya Sam later confronted Bailey with their concerns that Moore was intentionally trying to embarrass her at the dinner. Bailey acknowledged that she felt uncomfortable and did not appreciate Moore’s jokes – especially because Moore is sensitive when others are shady to her business, Kenya Moore Hair Care.

Fans blast Kenya Moore for shading Cynthia Bailey’s wine business

Fans were not happy with Moore’s attitude toward Bailey for two reasons. For starters, Moore publicly claims that Bailey is her best friend and viewers did not feel her behavior was in a manner a friend would act.

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Secondly, just episodes ago, Moore was upset with Sam due to her belief that Sam tarnished her hair care line by sharing that Moore wears wigs. Fans let their opinions be heard loud and clear while live-tweeting during the episode.

“Kenya, you wore a wig and yet you got all worked up because Tanya said U wore a wig & yet U try & throw Cynthia under the bus proving her knowledge of wine… U are so mean & hateful & jealous,” one wrote.

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“Kenya so full of shit! It’s never the same thing when she does something. You were being shady and yes it can be harmful to Cynthia’s businesses,  if you’re making it seem like she doesn’t know anything about wine, period,” wrote another.

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“Kenya that was not cool grilling Cynthia about wines. Picking on your Friend makes you look jealous and nothing else. BE NICE,” another chimed in.

Cynthia Bailey responds to Kenya Moore’s criticism of her wine business

Bailey addressed Moore’s jokes and shade during a group soiree. She told Moore that in the beginning, she thought that Moore was joking but quickly felt that she was mean-spirited in her delivery.

Moore offered her apology to Bailey, insisting that she meant no malice and that she was proud of Bailey as a businesswoman. Bailey accepted her apology.
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Bailey opened up about the wine-bashing during the RHOA after show on

“I’m not going to look for shade from my friends – my radar is not up for my friends, my radar is up for my enemies,” she told Eva Marcille. “That’s when I’m expecting the s**t storm.”

Bailey also admitted that she often gives Moore passes for her shade, especially because Moore is going through a divorce. But, Bailey said that she won’t allow disrespectful from Moore or any other friend regarding her businesses – especially when she only offers her friends support.

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“I don’t think that she was a hairologist until she decided to start Kenya Moore Hair Care,” Bailey shot back. “What is her expertise? She has long beautiful hair.”

Moore promises that she supports all of Bailey’s businesses, revealing that she shops often at Bailey’s wine cellar.