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Cynthia Bailey from The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been getting close with Kenya Moore in recent years. Their friendship has blossomed and that is costing her the love of fans. The RHOA star went mum in a recent encounter between Moore and Tanya Sam which she could’ve downplayed. After seeing her actions, viewers took to social media to protest against Bailey.

Cynthia Bailey
Cynthia Bailey | Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

How did the drama begin?

Moore is a vengeful person and if someone tries to shade her she comes back shadier than ever. That’s precisely what happened between her and Sam. During their trip to Toronto, Canada, Moore left a hairpiece behind and Sam was kind enough of returning it.

The problem the former beauty queen had was that she felt Sam made a spectacle of it to try to make her look bad. Moore has always prided herself in saying her hair is all-natural and developed a hair care line as a business. The new mother markets herself in a way that if word gets out she uses wigs, it could damage her business.

In retaliation, Moore had found out about a woman Sam’s husband had talked to. She made it seem like Sam’s husband was flirting with the “cookie lady” and possibly cheating on her.

To make things uncomfortable, Moore invited the lady to a luncheon the girls were having so she could confront Sam. The latter is secure in her marriage and trusts her husband, but the scheming way which Moore went about it has fans outraged.

Fans slam Cynthia Bailey

As a friend to Moore and a more reasonable person, fans feel Bailey should have talked her out of doing something so low in front of the cameras. Her silence spoke volumes to the RHOA viewers and took to Twitter to share their opinions.

“Kenya Moore is on the wrong show, this isn’t the Bad Girls Club,” a fan wrote. “Cynthia Bailey has no backbone and lets Kenya Moore walk her like a dog.”

“I am disappointed with Cynthia Bailey and will never understand her friendship with Kenya,” a viewer added.

“I’m shocked Cynthia Bailey just sat there and let that play out,” a Twitter user said. “Glad it’s for TV but that wasn’t cool.”

“Cynthia is spineless,” another fan commented.

“Cynthia is a follower and evidently needs Kenya Moore as a friend because she can’t think for herself. A real friend would say what you are doing is wrong but now I see why Kenya’s husband treats her as he does,” another viewer pointed out.

Next time on ‘RHOA’

The next episode of RHOA airs on Sunday, February 16 on Bravo. Episode 14 of Season 12 is titled, “Lions and Tigers and Shade.” In this episode, NeNe Leakes shows up again bringing to an end the “pre-show,” as the OG likes to call it when she’s not featured.

Leakes will finally be having a sit-down with Bailey to work out their differences and restart their friendship. The Broadway star is set to host a jungle-themed brunch and will invite all the ladies to eat. Things in the ATL don’t always go as planned as some guests leave early and others show up unannounced.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.