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The last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta showed what led to the breaking point in Kenya Moore’s marriage to Marc Daly. After weeks of tense moments between the two, things came to a head at a charity event that Daly hosted – which Moore helped him plan.

Despite Moore’s hard work, Daly’s attitude towards her on camera was less than stellar. Fans of the show were disgusted with Daly’s treatment of Moore and voiced their opinions online.

Marc Daly’s treatment of Kenya Moore during his charity event

Moore played a huge part in helping her husband plan his event. She was filmed securing catering, graphics, security, managing the seating chart and more. Daly even called on his wife to be his personal stylist, giving her a three-day notice that he was in need of a suite. When Moore presented him with the options of what he was to wear, he was less than pleased.

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During the charity event, Daly was visibly irritated. He criticized and adjusted the seating arrangements without her knowledge and made several comments caught by cameraman that he wanted to steer clear of Moore’s “drama” with her co-stars.

Cast members noticed his lack of appreciation and affection towards Moore. During his speech, he failed to thank Moore for her contributions. Cynthia Bailey admitted in her confessional that Daly’s behavior was a complete turn-off and his lack of thanks and acknowledgment towards Moore upset her.

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The moment that everyone anticipated from previews of the episode came when Daly was being interviewed by a television host at the event and asked if he enjoyed being associated with Moore’s work on RHOA. “No, I hate it,” Daly responded. “Everybody knows that.” It was shocking to most viewers, considering Daly utilized his wife’s contacts to pull the event off.
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Daly demanded producers cease filming after the charity event was over.

The episode ended with a tearful Moore reflecting on happier times in her marriage in comparison to where she and Daly were at the time of filming. It was also revealed that Moore and Daly announced their split just one day after the charity event. 

Fans react to Marc Daly’s behavior 

Twitter collectively agreed that each scene with Daly and Moore was cringeworthy. It seemed the more Moore tried to support Daly, the more dissatisfied and annoyed he became. Viewers shared their thoughts throughout the episode.

“Marc is the RUDEST and DISRESPECTFUL man to Kenya! She should have been AXED that MF! He EMBARRASSED her Sooo BAD and Didn’t EVEN Acknowledge her HELP for his Event,” wrote one viewer.

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Fans acknowledged Moore’s past behavior on the show towards her co-stars but do not believe it should be viewed as karma for the way her husband acted towards her.

“I’m actually very mad right now seeing what Marc did to Kenya….. this maybe Karma or what but no one deserves this humiliation and shame…. no one deserves this abuse,” one wrote.

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Furthermore, viewers were pissed at Daly’s treatment of RHOA producers, threatening that if they didn’t end filming, that “it would get ugly.”

“I can’t believe Marc had the nerve to act up and sell out that they were filming his event. He should be happy that he was receiving all of this publicity and exposure from the show,” one assessed.

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“Did Marc just say he hated being married to Kenya? Did he snap on the producers too? WTF? He really used her for that platform. Smh,” another chimed in with the hashtag #StraightTrash
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Others threatened to boycott Daly’s Brooklyn restaurant over his treatment of Moore.

“Dear @KenyaMoore – Please let us know when we can stop following @socobk on Instagram and we will gladly unfollow. I cringe anytime I watch #MacDaly treat his wife like a nobody. This is embarrassing for all black men. It looks like a total emotional abuse,” one promised.

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Daly has since issued an apology for his behavior at the charity event but excluded Moore from the statement.