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Marlo Hampton is someone who has been in and out of the Real Houswives world for years. She first came onto The Real Housewives of Atlanta as a friend of Nene Leakes but has since been involved in her own fair share of drama with the rest of the housewives.

For seasons, the rest of the women on the show have wondered what Hampton did for a living and how she was able to live such a glamorous lifestyle. Did she have a sugar daddy? Did she own a business? No one knew exactly what she did, until now.

And it appears that when it comes to work, the star wears a few hats.

“I’m an Aquarius,” she told The Daily Dish. “You always have to have 50 different things going on — not one, two, three, four, five. If it ain’t 50 or more, something’s wrong.”

Primarily, Hampton is a designer. On her website, she sells a number of shady t-shirts that you can buy for $65. She is also working on launching Arie and Emma, an accessories brand that she named after her grandmother and mother. The line will feature both sunglasses and jewelry.

Hampton created the brand in homage to both of those important women in her life.

“Both of them are always fabulous at church with the big hats, the jewelry, so it’s literally in my DNA,” she continued.

In addition to designing, Hampton also works as a stylist. She says that she perfers to work as a ghost stylist, which means that her name isn’t connected to the work.

“I like that better. I feel good when I see my work out there,” she said. “I just give them a wink, ‘Hey, thanks for the check. You look fabulous.'”

She also opened a clothing boutique in 2008 that sold high-end fashion. Though the store has since closed, Hampton is interested in opening another.

“It’ll be more like a fashion house where you can come and pull clothes, be styled, where you can rent pieces and things like that,” she told the outlet. “You get the Marlo experience.” 

Hampton doesn’t just focus on fashion. She also dabbles in beauty.

The star has her own hair line that she promotes on Instagram and gives fashion and beauty advice on her YouTube channel.

Hampton’s nonprofit

In addition to creating businesses for herself, Hampton is also interested in giving back to others.

In 2011, she started Glam it UP, which is a nonprofit that helps girls who are going through the foster care system. Through the program, Hampton mentors girls aged 13 to 17 and helps them experience nice things that they wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to, like WNBA games and Christmas brunches.

“My Glam It UP girls, I tell them, ‘The world is yours. If you can dream it, you can achieve it,” the star said. “So I just hope they look at me and say, ‘Dang, well, Ms. Marlo was in foster care, and she aged out. I can do it, too.'”

What’s next for Hampton?

Though Hampton already has enough jobs to keep anyone busy, she is still looking to put more on her plate.

She is currently working on a cocktail book and eventually will begin writing an etiquette book.

“I have a book that I’m working on, a cocktail book,” she said. “Not the etiquette book yet, but this is a cocktail book where you’ll be able to sit it on your table and just see gorgeous pictures of me in fashion.”

And who knows what else is on the table for the serial entrepreneur who claims to be “good at just about anything.”

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