‘RHOA’: Is Cynthia Bailey Already Married?

Rarely do relationships actually work in the world of The Real Housewives. Most women who start out on the show married, end up separating from their partners. The ones who do manage to find new romances while on the show, don’t have a high success rate either.

When Cynthia Bailey first entered the world of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was getting ready to head down the aisle to marry Peter Thomas. Her family members were not too keen on the union but Bailey went through with it anyway. But six years later, their relationship came to an end.

 Cynthia Bailey
Cynthia Bailey | JP Yim/Getty Images for FTM Fashion Week

This season on RHOA, fans got to watch Bailey get engaged to her beau Mark Hill. But have the two already secretly tied the knot?

Cynthia ends her marriage to Peter and gets engaged

Bailey and Thomas had been having more than a few rough patches in their marriage after Thomas was accused of cheating. Eventually, they decided to separate.

“Peter and I are separated,” Bailey told The Daily Dish in 2016. “He lives in Charlotte, and I live in Atlanta. I am definitely taking some time to myself to figure out how I want to move forward. I don’t want to rush into anything, so I think this time apart is good for us.”

“And I think the space apart, I think he can appreciate it as well. I think it gives people time to think and process and just move forward in a way that really is healthy for everyone involved.”

She, then, started dating Hill and fell for him quickly.

“I want to marry Mike,” she told People in 2018. “I love Mike. He’s my soulmate. We talk about getting married all the time.”

“You know, we’ve both been married before, so marriage is something we both understand,” she continued. “We’re not jumping into this blind. We both have kids and we both love each other very much. We know marriage is the next step.”

Are Mike Hill and Cynthia Bailey already married?

Hill’s proposal was shown on RHOA. But recently, pictures surfaced that had fans wondering if the pair had secretly gotten married.

Bailey’s agent, Nick Roses, told People that the pictures were just part of a photoshoot for Sophisticated Weddings.

“Not to worry, this was merely a photoshoot in preparation for their big day!” Roses said. “Cynthia looked lovely today! Be sure to check out [the magazine] for Mike and Cynthia’s full photoshoot, coming soon.”

What do we know about Cynthia Bailey’s wedding?

Bailey and Hill have already set their wedding date for Oct. 10 of this year.

“I actually have to thank Kandi Burruss for helping us with the date,” Bailey said on PEOPLE TV’s Reality Check. “We had been wanting to do it in October, but I didn’t actually know when. We were actually in Greece, we were on the bus just bored and talking about wedding stuff. And she said, ’10/10/20 — like 20/20 vision.’ It falls on a Saturday. It’s perfect. Perfect vision, perfect date. And our little mantra is, ‘We’re not perfect, but we’re perfect for each other.’ So it works.”

But Bailey isn’t sure if she will have bridesmaids or even if the RHOA women will be in attendance at all.

“I’m not wanting to have any bridesmaids,” she said. “It’s a lot going on in the friendship department over here. I’m trying to mend friendships, new friendships are blossoming. We’ll have to see what happens when we get to the reunion, who even makes it to the wedding. But it’s something we have to figure out because Mike really wants groomsman.”