‘RHOA’: Kandi Burruss and Nene Leakes Broke a Vow and Their Friendship Is Now on the Rocks

Kandi Burruss and Nene Leakes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta are at odds with each other. The Bravo stars fell out after filming the reality series and have been feuding on social media. Although they both appeared to be in good standing, in recent weeks Leakes has blasted her online igniting a social media war. The Grammy-award winner says they both broke a vow and doesn’t think she will be talking to Leakes anytime soon.

Kandi Burruss and Nene Leakes
Kandi Burruss and Nene Leakes | Steve Granitz/WireImage / Steve Granitz/WireImage / Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

How did the feud between the ‘RHOA’ stars start?

Leakes and Burruss have not been the best of friends during their shared time on RHOA. However, in season 12, Leakes was at odds with most of the cast and had trouble mingling with the ladies. Burruss was the only one she didn’t have a feud with and her first scene with a co-star was with her.

The only incident that the Housewives had during the season was when Burruss tried to calm Leakes down. The latter was having an issue with Kenya Moore and Burruss wanted them to resolve it as they were on the cast trip. Leakes went off on Burruss for not holding the former Miss USA titleholder accountable after Moore shrugged off the first.

“She’s right, I’m wrong. I f***ed her man and stole her baby. So goodnight, honey,” Leakes told Burruss. “Have a goodnight Kandi, we love you dearly darling. Keep it a thousand with your friend. Have a goodnight everyone. Thank you. I have to talk to my man, honey. I can keep my marriage together, honey.”

Kandi Burruss is confused about Nene Leakes feud

Burruss was just as confused about her feud with Leakes as the rest of the fans. The singer revealed that she didn’t really know why the “tastiest peach” was upset at her.

“During the season, I pretty much got along with everybody, I didn’t have any arguments but lately it just seems like Ms. Leakes and I have been bumping heads,” Burruss told Entertainment Tonight. “And I really don’t know what her problem is, you know what I’m saying? Well, now I do because I have been petty.”

Burruss believed that Leakes’ main issue was that she didn’t have her back in the Moore feud. Leakes feels that Moore was in the wrong but Leakes was still receiving the backlash from the rest of the ladies. Burruss said that she feels she always plays fair and calls it like she sees it.

“I’m the only one who wanted to film with her at the beginning of the season,” the RHOA star added. “Like, I was the one who was trying to get everyone back on the same page with her. So, I don’t know how she changed that into trying to make people believe that I have something against her. I honestly feel like it’s just because I’m friends with Kenya Moore.”

Kandi Burruss and Nene Leakes broke a vow

After filming the RHOA Season 12 reunion, Burruss revealed that she and Leakes had made a vow to be respectful of each other. However, as of late, that promise has been broken.

“If you are a real fan of our show, you would know that pretty much from the time I came on the show in season 2 all the way up until when I was pregnant with Ace, NeNe and I pretty much argued or had some type of tension every year up until that point,” Burruss told Hollywood Life. “When I was pregnant with Ace, she and I made a little vow to be more respectful to each other and not be so negative toward each other.”

Burruss doesn’t think that Leakes will be on speaking terms with her for a while but says she would not hold a grudge against her co-star.

“We have reverted back to the way we were prior to our oath and going into the next season, I would probably have to say for me — I don’t know how she’s feeling, but for me, I feel like I will reciprocate the energy that she gives me. So if she’s gonna come in with BS, she’s gonna get BS. If she wants to be pleasant, then I will be pleasant,” she also said.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 12 reunion is set to air in the coming days on Bravo.