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Kenya Moore has been separated from her husband Marc Daly since October 2019. She later revealed that she believed communication issues contributed to their marital breakdown but that she was not giving up on her marriage.

Fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta have watched the tense moments infold between Moore and Daly throughout the season. A comment made by Daly on an upcoming episode may be what makes Moore walk away from their marriage for good.

Kenya Moore drops her husband’s last name from her social media account

On the last episode of RHOA, Moore and Daly bickered over him wanting to invite Moore’s nemesis, Nene Leakes, to an upcoming charity event he is putting together. Daly embarrassed Moore once again by shutting her down in front of the cast when voicing her opinion.

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Fans will see another disagreement between Moore and Daly on the upcoming episode during the event. Moore, who is the host of the event, is asked by Daly to remain seated with him. When she responds that as the hostess, she should mingle with the guests, he gets upset.

As Moore walks from the table, an event attendee asks Daly if he enjoys being married. Daly is then overheard by a cameraman saying, “No, I hate it. Everybody knows I hate it. End it.”
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It appears Daly’s remark may have been the final straw for Moore – who has held out hopes of a reconciliation with her estranged husband. Fans noticed that Moore has removed Daly’s surname on her Instagram page. It is also no longer part of her name on Twitter. 

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On Instagram, what once read “Kenya Moore Daly,” now just says “Kenya Moore.” Her profile still reads on Instagram, “Wife, Mother, Actor, Film/TV Producer, Writer, Director, Former Miss USA, TV Personality CEO of Kenya Moore Hair Care.” 

Where do things stand between Kenya Moore and Marc Daly?

Moore has been open recently about her and Daly’s relationship in the aftermath of seeing their relationship play out on television. In a Jan. 2020 interview with The Real, Moore said that Daly’s attitude toward her had softened. 

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“I think Marc watching the show – we shot at like six months ago. I think he’s seeing himself and some of the things,” she said. “We haven’t gotten along then, but we are getting along amazing now.”

She shared the same sentiments when speaking with SiriusXM’s Amy Phillips. “Our relationship has really taken a turn. He has been so kind to me,” she said. “Sweet, you know, ‘How’s your day? What’s going?’ Our relationship hasn’t been this good in a really long time.”

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But now, Moore may have had a change of heart. During Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta’s After Show, Moore revealed that she was frustrated with her husband “kissing Nene’s a**.” 

Moore elaborated, “From [Daly] meeting her once or twice and she introduced Gregg to him, so somehow that made him feel so good and so important that he like is riding for her.”

Moore hasn’t commented on the change but she’ll be sure to address it during the reunion.