‘RHOA’ Fans Drag Kenya Moore After Exposing ‘Receipts’ From Shamea Morton

Kenya Moore got a little messy on the finale night of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The Bravo star tried to clear her name on Twitter on allegations regarding Shamea Morton. Porsha Williams said Moore was lying about her encounter with Morton and what she claimed was not accurate. On Sunday night, Moore took to Twitter to expose the text exchange she had with Morton but it gravely backfired.

Kenya Moore
Kenya Moore | Arturo Holmes/WireImage

What’s the tea between Kenya Moore and Shamea Morton?

Morton is Williams’ close friend and has made multiple appearances on RHOA. The former developed a friendship with Moore through the show and the latter brought up an encounter they had that left Williams shocked.

During an event that Williams organized to talk about the struggles of motherhood. Morton was sharing a story when Moore intervened to add context and seemingly shaded Williams in the process.

“I remember you texted me,” Moore said at the table about Morton. “You were like, ‘I think my water broke.’ And I said, ‘you need me to come to the hospital?’ I don’t know where Porsha was… I think Porsha was doing something else, working that day.”

RHOA fans interpreted Moore’s words as a slight dig at Williams, exposing that the light might not be that good of a friend to Morton. Moore took to Twitter to clear up the mess saying she didn’t mean anything by her words at the event.

“She called me, so that’s a question for Shamea,” Moore tweeted back at a fan. “I have nothing to do with their relationship, clearly, they love each other. To infer that means, ‘I don’t care for her,’ that’s such a reach sweetie. Thanks for your input.”

Kenya Moore shares text exchange

On the season 12 finale of RHOA, Williams is seen talking to Nene Leakes about how she felt about Moore. She also added that Morton told her that Moore was lying.

“I was like, ‘damn, why would Shamea call her?’ So I’m really feelin’ a little way, but I kept my [straight] face,” Williams told Leakes. “Later on, Shamea walked up to me, pissed. She said, ‘I did not call that girl when my water broke.”

To prove Morton and Williams wrong, Moore shared the conversation she had with the former back in September.

“I supported Shamea and Porsha throughout their entire pregnancy off-camera,” Moore wrote on Twitter to give context. “I was pregnant and panicked when I got the text about her water. We were all great friends to each other. The intimacy we shared was sacred and we all had beautiful babies. God is good.”

Moore was the one to initiate the text conversation with Morton asking if she’s ever felt hiccups during her pregnancy, to which Morton says no.

Morton then adds, “I woke up wet this morning and not just a little discharge, so I’m walking into the doctor so they can tell me if I just pissed myself or if my sac is leaking.”

Moore asks if Morton is at the doctor’s, to which the latter replies, “Yes.”

The former beauty queen was seemingly worried about Morton adding, “Are you scared? Where is your husband? Do you need me to come? Where are you?”

Morton assured Moore it was “pregnancy discharge” and she was “fine.”

“That’s so sweet of you,” Morton replied to Moore.

‘RHOA’ fans drag Kenya Moore

Moore initially said that Morton was the one that called her telling her that her water had broken. In the text exchange, it’s evident that Morton was already taking care of the situation and only shared what she was going through. At no point did Morton called Moore for help.

Fans took notice of this and made Moore aware of it on her Twitter replies.

“But this doesn’t show she texted you when her water broke. This ain’t a receipt,” a fan replied.

“Kenya made it out like Shamea called her. [She] just so happened to text her while she was there and Shamea mentioned she thought her water broke. Kenya is so deceptive,” a viewer added.

“This is not proof that she sent you a text first,” a Twitter user mentioned. “You were having a general conversation and she mentioned she was walking into the office. Reach! This receipt needs a refund.”

“You said something totally different,” another fan noted. “Exposed yourself.”

“That’s not quite what you said at the banquet, but OK,” another viewer wrote.

“With photo cropping and editing nowadays, this does nothing,” another Twitter user said.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is set to air a reunion episode in the coming weeks on Bravo.