‘RHOA:’ Kenya Moore Says Marc Daly Now Wants To Work On Their Marriage

After months of separation, Kenya Moore and Marc Daly may be heading toward reconciliation. Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers have watched the breakdown of their marriage and the tense event that proved to be the final straw leading up to their split. But, Moore explained in recent interviews that Daly’s done a 180 transformation.

In her recent chat with Andy Cohen, Moore explained where things currently stand between the two and revealed that after Daly appeared to be resistant to trying to work on the marriage, he’s now making an effort to change things for the better.

The ugly truths about the problems in Kenya Moore and Marc Daly’s marriage have been revealed on ‘RHOA’

Since the season began, Daly’s attitude on the show has been less than stellar. In addition to him not supporting Moore in her feud with Nene Leakes, his treatment of Moore has been criticized by viewers and Moore’s co-stars. Daly was overheard expressing how much he did not like taping, calling the show “invasive.” Moore told the hosts of Out Loud that Daly resented being on the show.

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After Moore announced the split, she revealed to Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey that she believed the changes in Daly’s behavior was due to infidelity. She said that she discovered text messages from another woman on Daly’s phone. Daly allegedly dated the woman prior to his marriage to Moore and according to Moore, the other woman sent texts begging to keep the relationship going. Moore explained that she confronted the woman via phone to tell her to stop contacting Daly. 

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Moore also opened up about the little involvement she had with her husband’s family. Though Daly’s parents were not present on their wedding day, Moore met them at her baby shower. She confessed during the show that Daly kept his family at bay and that she was not able to speak to his parents per Daly’s rule. She later revealed that even if their daughter Brooklyn was with Daly’s parents, she was still refused access to speak to them due to Daly’s insistence that she did not. 

Kenya Moore says Marc Daly now wants to save their marriage

Moore says she presented the option of marital counseling as she and Daly began experiencing trouble before they split but he did not appear receptive to the idea. She revealed in Jan. 2020 that she and Daly were moving forward and enrolling in counseling to explore whether or not their relationship could be salvaged. 

Moore has stated in the past that Daly’s behavior and attitude toward her has greatly improved. She believes the changes in her estranged husband is a direct result of the backlash he’s received from viewers.

Though Moore admits she doesn’t believe Daly has watched an episode, she’s confident that Daly has been kept in the loop from his close circle have watched the show. She also said that Daly may have seen certain clips that people have sent him.

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She provided Cohen an update during their chat on Watch What Happens Live on Apr. 11 and confirmed that things between her and Daly remain in good standing.

“We’re actually getting along better than we’ve gotten along since probably shortly after we got married,” Moore said. “It’s just been no arguments, no real fights or disagreements and he’s been really sweet and thoughtful and caring.”

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Moore says Daly’s new and improved attitude was shocking but refreshing and reminded her of the reason she fell in love with him. She was filmed packing Daly’s belongings after she says he requested that she send his clothes to his home in New York. Cohen asked if she still houses Daly’s clothing and she responded yes. Though it surprised Cohen, Moore says Daly has changed his tune about separating.

“I did start to box them up and then in his true fashion, he back and was like, ‘I don’t want to break up, I want to work on our marriage’” she said. “He wants to work on the marriage, he wants to be a better person.”

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Moore said she’s willing to “try anything to stay together” until all of her options are exhausted. She explained that her final decision depends on Daly’s consistency.