‘RHOA:’ Kenya Moore Says Nene Leakes Attempted To Sue Bravo For “Blocking” Television Opportunities

The feud between Nene Leakes and her longtime nemesis Kenya Moore is never-ending. Moore has confirmed countless times that she does not see a reconciliation between her and Leakes in the future and has refused to accept any olive branch extended by Leakes. The two battled it out during the season 12 virtual reunion over what took place during the season and the harsh words continued even after filming wrapped. 

Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore
Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore via Twitter

In a new interview with her co-host Kandi Burruss, Moore gave more insight into why she’s not a fan of Leakes. She said the main reason she and Leakes aren’t friends is that she believes Leakes has a superiority complex and is spiteful, naming Leakes’s alleged plan to sue Bravo over claims that the network has blocked her spinoff ideas in favor of Burruss as an example.

Nene Leakes hints that Bravo favors Kandi Burruss and hires an attorney to investigate why she does not have a spinoff series

Leakes answered fan questions during an Instagram live segment and when asked why she’s never had her own spinoff series, she said that despite pitching her own shows to Bravo, the network has chosen another cast member to give spinoff opportunities to instead of her. 

Source: Instagram

“I don’t know why only one person off our show gets to do her own show every season after we go off air,” she said. “To me it looks shady for one person – season after season after season – gets a show, and it certainly isn’t by choice. It is definitely a reason why someone would be trying to hold you back from not doing something. Somebody is afraid that you will be bigger than they are.” 

Fans immediately took Leakes’s statement as a dig to Burruss, as Burruss has had five spinoff specials on the network. Burruss released her own video and dispelled the notion that Bravo gives her shows without having to work for them.

Source: Instagram

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In fact, Burruss revealed that she pitched all of her spinoff specials to the network herself and due to her fan base and history of having high rated content, the network is more willing to give her aa shot. She currently has a sixth spinoff series in the works with Bravo.

Leakes later revealed that she hired an attorney to investigate the alleged blocked spinoff opportunities and denied that she was talking about Burruss, though Burruss is the only cast member on RHOA to have multiple spinoffs. Leakes would not name who she says she was speaking of.

Kenya Moore alleges that Nene Leakes considered suing Bravo for blocking her spinoff and calls Leakes talentless

Moore says that the real reason Leakes hired an attorney was that she was wanted to sue Bravo and RHOA’s production company, Truly. Moore revealed Leakes’ alleged plan during a conversation with Burruss on Burruss’s popular YouTube show, Speak On It.

According to Moore, Leakes became so disgruntled with Burruss getting spinoff shows and felt that Bravo and Truly were intentionally jeopardizing her opportunities on the network and with other networks.

Kenya Moore, Andy Cohen, and Nene Leakes
Kenya Moore, Andy Cohen, Nene Leakes | Wilford Harewood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

“The whole thing with her getting Lisa Bloom getting her ready to sue people, it was Bravo. She was suing Bravo and Truly,” Moore said. “She was allegedly going to sue Bravo and Truly because she was talking about how she was having all these great meetings but then nothing happens after that. She was trying to allege that they were stopping her from getting other work.”

As to why Leakes does not have her own show, Moore says it’s all due to Leakes’ behavior on the show and her own negative interactions with Bravo and Truly staff. She also accused Leakes of not having talent.

Kenya Moore, Andy Cohen, and Nene Leakes
Kenya Moore, Andy Cohen, NeNe Leakes | Wilford Harewood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

“Nobody is stopping you [Leakes] from getting other work, you’re not talented. You don’t need to be on anyone else’s tv screen doing anything other than looking like a complete buffoon,” she said of Leakes. “She is a caricature. No one wants to hire a caricature, they wanna hire someone like you Kandi who can actually act, who can sing – Where else can you [Leakes] go with that blonde wig? Where else can she [Leakes] go with that attitude?”

Burruss disagreed with Moore and said that she does think Leakes has a lot to offer but agreed that she feels Leakes stands in her own way.