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Fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have watched Marlo Hampton seemingly unnecessarily shade Kandi Burruss all season long. Aside from bringing up Burruss’ alleged sexual history, Hampton has alleged that Burruss is selfish. The allegation stunned Burruss as Burruss was one of the only cast members to vouch for Hampton to be a full-time cast member, and she also had a show greenlit on another network with Hampton at the center.

Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton at her Le'Archive debut filming 'RHOA;' Hampton's salary for a show Burruss produced was revealed
Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton | Prince Williams/Wireimage

Hampton says the show’s contract didn’t make sense for her, which is why the show never moved forward. According to another influencer who was cast on the show, Hampton would have been paid much less in her first season than what she was used to on the Bravo reality series. 

Marlo Hampton was set to star in an ensemble reality show on We TV produced by Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, but the show was canceled

Hampton has been a staple on RHOA since Season 4, but only as a friend to the show. By season 7, she was no longer on the show as it was rumored she was axed because of making a slur against the LGBTQ+ community. During that time, Hampton approached Tucker and Burruss to create a show based around her.

Source: YouTube

The show was titled Haute Lanta and featured an ensemble cast of movers and shakers in the Atlanta fashion and blog scene. In addition to Hampton, also cast in the show was Project Runway alum Ken Laurence, The Fashion Show alum Reco Chapple, celebrity blogger Funky Dineva, Kontrol Magazine editor Julian Clark, and a few others.

But just weeks before shooting, the show was canceled. The Jasmine Brand reports that the show was canceled due to Hampton’s diva behavior. “She had too many demands, and she wasn’t willing to budge. She has some star power, but for a new show, there’s not much of a budget. Marlo wanted too much,” a source told the outlet.

Funky Dineva reveals salary paid for each cast member on the canceled show after Hampton alleges she was lowballed

During the Season 14 reunion special, Hampton confronted Burruss about the failed show. According to her, the reason she opted not to move forward with shooting the show is because the contract was not a good offer. In a recent YouTube video, Dineva corroborated Hampton’s assertion.

Source: YouTube

‘RHOA’: Todd Tucker Defends Kandi Burruss Against Marlo Hampton’s Recent Slander

“What Marlo said about the contract not benefitting her was 100% correct. Those people offered us $1,400 an episode,” he explained. “Marlo was already probably used to getting her per day rate over at The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was already used to flying first class on that show because I remember it got me…I remember one of Marlo’s sticking points was she wanted them to change it to a first-class ticket citing that Bravo flies her first class. Certain things like that, the network was unwilling to budge on because this was a start-up show with a start-up budget.”

Dineva says the brunch had the potential to be a success, and Hampton, unfortunately, couldn’t see the vision at the time due to jumping shift and having to take a pay cut. In the end, he says she wasted everyone’s time by refusing to sign the contract. Two weeks before production began, the network canceled the show due to Hampton and Chapelle not having their contracts signed before filming. 

Kandi Burruss says Marlo Hampton is the reason the show was canceled 

Burruss says Hampton dropped the ball with the way she handled things. In an episode of her YouTube show Speak On It, Burruss gave her take on how things went down.

“They picked the show up. It was greenlit, starting hiring production crews and everything, and then, one day away [from filming], she effed the situation up because she wanted to go back as a friend [on RHOA], so she started acting up with the people on the other network,” Burruss explained.

She was shocked and confused by Hampton’s decision. Burruss says she didn’t understand why she’d prefer to be a sub-cast member on RHOA instead of a full-time cast member on another show. “She wanted to go back to being a friend instead of being a real b—h or the main b—h on her show,” she said. “Now, she finally got a peach [on RHOA], so she’s probably happy about that. But let’s not forget, I was the main one begging and asking why she wasn’t getting a peach yet.”