‘RHOA:’ Michael Sterling Slams Porsha Williams For Treatment Of Eva Marcille at Virtual Reunion

The blossoming friendship between America’s Next Top Model alum Eva Marcille and Porsha Williams on Real Housewives of Atlanta seemed like a match made in heaven. The two had much in common, with motherhood and Williams planning her dream ceremony to her fiance.

But things soured after a game of telephone with other cast members sharing alleged gossip between both women. Things came to a head at the season 12 reunion and Marcille’s husband is not happy with the way Williams treated his wife. 

Porsha Williams and Eva Marcille clas at ‘RHOA’ season 12 virtual reunion

Marcille and Williams’s relationship took a turn for the worst after Williams caught wind of some remarks Marcille said regarding her family. After Williams revealed to Kenya Moore that Marcille decided against bringing her children to a party for Moore’s daughter because she was fearful of how Moore would behave. Marcille became upset when she learned of Williams’s involvement.

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Marcille later told Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey that Williams should not spend time spreading gossip and instead focus on the issues in her relationship and healing from her recent c-section post-birth. At the time, Williams and her fiance split up after she discovered he’d cheated. Marcille also made a comment that Williams’s infant daughter looked like “Dennis in a bow,” which Williams took offense to.

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Williams spent the majority of the reunion ripping into Marcille for her comments and promised that she’d never forgive her for the remarks made about her family. She also threatened Marcille that if she ever spoke of her family again, that she’d have no issue getting physical. 

Eva Marcille’s husband Michael Sterling slams Porsha Williams for treatment of her at the virtual reunion

One person who was not appreciative of Williams’s behavior toward Marcille is Marcille’s husband, Michael Sterling. He says that Williams’s outburst was both unwarranted and he felt that she was acting for the show. He expressed his frustration and disappointment with Williams during an Instagram live video.

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“Why is this person mad at you or trying to come for you when I know that multiple people, you’ve had their back on multiple occasions, tried to help them, and now, for a TV show, for a check, they’re trying to come for you,” he said. “It’s messed up to me, and maybe I’m just a regular, simple person who doesn’t watch enough reality TV, but it’s messed up to me when I know the truth.”

Furthermore, Sterling said he was shocked by how Williams acted as he and Marcille were close friends with Williams and her on-again-off-again fiance, Dennis McKinley. Sterling, who is a lawyer, represented McKinley in legal drama after he decided to sue publications for claiming they lied about him being unfaithful to Williams.

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“People who I represented pro-bono. People who we’ve helped out, who we really, really, you are our people….And then to see them try and play you or come at you,” he continued. “You ain’t said a cross word to this person. Why they coming at you like that? For a TV show? You gone sell your integrity for a check? You gone sell your conscious for some money?”

Sterling says that Williams should have been more balanced in her slander of Marcille, noting that she never publicly acknowledging the Sterlings for stepping in to support them in their tough time but she was quick to go against Marcille at the reunion. He referred to Williams’s behavior as “low integrity.”

Williams feels as if she’s justified in her response to Marcille and is standing by her belief that Marcille spoke negatively of her daughter.