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Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta can claim at least six episodes that incurred the wrath and/or scrutiny of fans. Typically, it’s the ladies of RHOA who are under the microscope and the target of the internet’s ire, but lately, Cynthia Bailey’s fiancé, Mike Hill, has been catching some heat too.

While many longtime viewers are happy about Bailey’s new beau, her glow, and her upcoming nuptials, some fans are wary of it because of what they’ve seen on the show.

Hill recently stopped by The Domenick Nati Show to talk about his relationship with the famous Atlanta housewife and what is being hashed out before the wedding. They’re in a great place.

Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill
Cynthia Bailey and Mike Hill of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ | Leon Bennett/WireImage/Getty Images

About that prenup that Bailey mentioned…

By now, many RHOA fans are aware that Bailey stated she and Hill will sign a prenuptial agreement. They’ve seen this scenario play out before on the show with Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, and it was not smooth sailing for that couple. So, what are Hill’s thoughts on a prenup?

He told Nati that he and Cynthia do plan on getting one, saying:

“I think it’s just something to protect one another. I mean, if anything does happen to our relationship then that’s when we’ll deal with it but as far as everything that happened before the relationship was, I just think she deserves it. So, we’re just doing that to protect one another.”

Hill clarifies that doesn’t mean they’re taking a negative approach to their union but they are being proactive. Previously, Bailey told Bravo’s Andy Cohen that she and Hill discussed prenups with Burruss and Tucker, and she feels it’s smart to have one in place.

Hill talked about past infidelities

This was a hot topic during an episode of RHOA, and Hill asserted that he’d never really been in love before Cynthia. He explained to Nati that although he loved his ex-wives when he was with each of them, Cynthia is:

“Everything I’ve ever wanted in a woman, everything I desire, everything I’ve ever prayed for, and she’s just the right person.”

As far as concerns about cheating on her, Hill stated, “What I’ve learned from the past is if I feel that way, that I feel like I need to do something like that, then I just need to get out of the relationship.”

Is there any ill will heading into the wedding with ‘RHOA’ cast members?

Nati asked Hill about wedding invitations and Kenya Moore spilling the beans about the engagement surprise, and he was very clear. There is no bad blood with Moore but he was upset that his plans were disrupted as he wanted the proposal to be a perfect surprise for Cynthia.

With the guest list, Hill said the plan is to invite people who want to be there for their special day, and it’s not about putting on a show for celebrities or anyone else.

He believes Cynthia will invite everyone from the Real Housewives cast, but he added there will be some disappointment since the guest list is limited. One thing that’s a given for the wedding? The RHOA cameras will be rolling for the event.