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Nene Leakes from The Real Housewives of Atlanta is fighting a battle that seems to be getting more intense. The reality TV personality has not signed up for the new season of the show and is making a case of not being treated fairly. In a new Instagram Live broadcast, Leakes hinted at the issues she’s raising during her contract negotiations.

Nene Leakes
Nene Leakes | Annette Brown/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

What is going on with Nene Leakes?

Leakes is reportedly negotiating her contract for RHOA Season 13 but has been holding out. Although she has not openly talked about what is keeping her from returning to the reality series, she has given some hints.

One of the issues that Leakes said came up during the meetings was that she continued to refer to herself as the HBIC and queen.

“I will continue to say that I’m a queen because I am,” she said.

Leakes also mentioned that the “other side” brought up that she “hit one of the producers” and that “they could’ve prosecuted [her] for that if they wanted to.”

According to Leakes, they had a tape of the incident and she explained, “I never hit any producer. It was my camera guy, I grabbed his t-shirt and his t-shirt tore. Everybody knows that.”

Leakes then wondered if Terese Giudice from RHONJ had a similar talk when she pushed Andy Cohen during one of the reunion episodes.

Storming off the ‘RHOA’ Season 12 Reunion

One of the dramatic moments of the RHOA Season 12 reunion was when Leakes shut down her computer and left early. The “tastiest peach” mentioned that this was another one of the points raised during the negotiations.

“Well, I addressed that already and I addressed it again cause since it was brought up I figured we may as well address it, again, right? So I closed my computer early and rightly so,” Leakes said. “During the season 12, I was told, sent emails and text messages, that a certain person could no longer film with me. I was saddened by that because I was OK with them filming with me.”

Leakes is talking about Yovanna Momplaisir, who was a friend of the former and alleged she had a recording of Cynthia Bailey talking bad about her. In the end, Momplaisir said she made it all up and that she was encouraged by Leakes to record their co-stars to expose them later.

“So, once they were able to get that person to switch to the other side with that group that they have twisted over there, then they were suddenly allowed to show up at the reunion,” Leakes added.

Kim Zolciak quits ‘RHOA’ and gets spinoff

The Fashion Police alum doesn’t find it fair that they are holding over her leaving the RHOA reunion early. Leakes brought up the time Kim Zolciak quit the show in the middle of the season and got a spinoff series weeks later.

“Do you remember season 5 when all of us girls were talking to Kim about her not wanting to shoot as much? Like she doesn’t shoot. She comes when she wants to. Leaves when she wants to. We’ll plan a vacation around her schedule. She was pregnant at the time. Do you remember she walked out the entire season and walked into her own show?” Leakes recalled.


‘RHOA’ Season 13: Nene Leakes Finally Addresses Rumors on ‘Housewives’ Status

“So I close my computer and it’s a big deal,” she added. “But this other person quit the whole show in the middle of the show and go into their own show. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

To close off her chat she said there is someone behind-the-scenes that is complicating stuff.

“We have a Terry Crews on our cast,” Leakes revealed. “And I’ll let you guys figure out who that is. But they talk to the people behind our backs…we don’t come together.”