‘RHOA’: Peter Thomas Says Cynthia Bailey Was Scared of Nene Leakes

One of the most controversial relationships in the history of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is the marriage between Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas. The couple’s marital trouble was highlighted from the start, with issues regarding finances and business decisions at the center. Another major area of contention was Bailey’s friendship with Nene Leakes. According to Thomas, Bailey took their issues out on him because she didn’t like to have confrontations with Leakes.  

Peter Thomas, Cynthia Bailey, and Nene Leakes filming 'RHOA;' Thomas says Bailey was scared of Leakes
Peter Thomas, Cynthia Bailey, and Nene Leakes | Wilford Harewood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Peter Thomas says Nene Leakes was threatened by him stealing camera time

While most Housewives franchises center around the women, producer Carlos King revealed that because of Thomas’ star quality, he made the controversial decision to involve the husbands in the show. In the latest episode of his Reality With the King podcast, King says that Thomas made Bailey’s storyline interesting. He also credits Thomas with being the inspiration behind him creating the OWN reality series Love & Marriage: Huntsville because he feels viewers want to see couples have real dialogue and it’s more relatable.

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But not everyone was welcoming of the idea. Both King and Thomas agree that Leakes and Thomas clashed the most because Leakes was used to being the queen bee of the show and Thomas challenged her. 

“That makes a lot of the girls upset too because we were taking camera time away from them,” Thomas told King. “That’s why Nene told me to stay out of women’s business. Why n—a? Because I’m taking more camera time?” he asked. “I’ve got some s–t I want to promote too. She didn’t like that s–t at all.”

He says Cynthia Bailey was scared of Nene Leakes and often upset with him over allegedly stealing scenes and coming between her and Leakes’ friendship

Early on in the episode, Thomas explained that he felt Bailey was afraid of Leakes because of her more assertive and confrontational attitude. Bailey is more passive and doesn’t like to rock the boat. As it turns out, the dynamic caused much more tension between Thomas and Bailey than viewers saw. 

“Behind the scenes, what people don’t know is Cynthia used to be mad at you for what she felt like you were taking away scenes from her and making the scenes about you and interfering with her friendship with Nene,” King revealed. Thomas agreed. He added: 

I thought that was the dumbest thing ever because the whole purpose of why we were on the show is because of the money they were paying her and the exposure that we were getting as a couple. So, the more we taped, either myself or her, but when the cameras were gone, she felt the wrath of the girls, especially Nene…I used to go to bed every night and they’re on the phone, I used to wake up every morning and they’re on the phone and I’m like ‘Yo, why are you talking to the enemy?’

The exes remain on friendly terms

Despite no longer being married, Thomas says he and Bailey remain cordial. He admits he was upset over her suing him for an alleged loan on a property they purchased. The lawsuit has since been settled. Thomas says he reaches out to Bailey once in a while just to check-in.

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