‘RHOA’: Peter Thomas Says He’s Upset About Cynthia Bailey’s Lawsuit

He may be absent from the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but Peter Thomas is still on the scene. News broke that Cynthia Bailey filed a lawsuit against her former husband for $170,000, surprising some fans.

Bailey and Thomas called it quits in 2016 and their divorce was finalized in 2017. In spite of their marriage ending and them moving on, they stayed cordial and supportive of each other’s endeavors, and considered themselves friends. However, Thomas had some things to say about the lawsuit.

Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas at ‘A Mother’s Love’ stage play at the Rialto Center For The Arts | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Why Cynthia Bailey is suing Peter Thomas

While married, Bailey allegedly loaned Thomas the $170,000 to open a new Bar One in Atlanta, and she acted as a co-owner of the lounge. Her name was on the deed for the property and according to Thomas, it was eventually transferred over to him.

The building went into foreclosure and Bailey is seeking to recover the funds she fronted Thomas. According to Michelle “ATLien” Brown, she filed the suit in September 2020, a few weeks before her wedding to Mike Hill.

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Thomas says he’s upset about the lawsuit

During a new interview with Brown, Thomas spoke out about Bailey taking legal action against him. He told the vlogger, “I was upset she filed the lawsuit,” and explained he’s trying to undo some other damage—with a third party—from another business deal. That issue is connected to his arrest in March 2019 for alleged check fraud.

Thomas said when he learned about Bailey’s suit, his reaction was that she should have called him as they remained on speaking terms. “So, I was hurt when she did that.”

He added that his divorce attorney pressured him to go after Bailey’s RHOA $1.5 million salary, he declined to do so and never wanted money from her. To him, they’ve always been amicable.

He said he offered to pay the full amount of the Bar One loan money to her in three years, after he got back on his feet. According to him, that amount would be due in January 2021. Thomas reiterated that he was “dumbfounded and hurt” about Bailey’s filing and he’s never had any beef with her.

Thomas shares status of relationship with Bailey

When Brown asked Thomas if he’s spoken to his ex since being hit with the case, he indicated he has not reached out. “I don’t see the point to reach out to her at this stage for the simple fact that she already did the damage,” he said.

“So, what am I gonna reach out and say to her? Nothing nice would come out of my mouth. She knows how hard it is for Black men out here.”

He asserted it’s not cool of her to bring the negative attention upon him, and he feels it harms his reputation. Besides thinking the lawsuit is foul, Thomas stated he doesn’t understand why she hired a lawyer they fired years ago from a manager position.

Thomas wanted an opportunity to tell his side of the story because he thought people would assume the worst about him. He has his attorneys on the case.