‘RHOA’: When Does the Next New Episode Air on Bravo?

Season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has all fans buzzing about what is going to happen next. The feud between NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore is heating up and viewers are excited for what’s ahead on the reality series. Episode 13 of the current season is titled “Hot Tea With a Side of Cookies” and Bravo has just released the premiere date.

The cast of 'RHOA' season 12
The cast of ‘RHOA’ season 12 | Tommy Garcia/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

RHOA took a brief break and has not aired in two weeks. Last weekend it didn’t air because of the Super Bowl and the weekend before that the Grammys were on. Although the Oscars will air next Sunday, Bravo will finally be airing Episode 13 of the show. It will be on Sunday, February 9 when RHOA returns to Bravo.

“Cynthia brings Tanya and Kenya together to work out their differences, but Kenya arrives with a shady guest in tow; Cynthia visits fiancé Mike in Los Angeles where she sees an unexpected side of his life that causes her concern,” is what the official description of the episode says.

Tensions are rising in the ATL and after two weeks, fans are anxious to see their ladies back on the screen.

NeNe Leakes vs Kenya Moore

One of the recurring feuds on RHOA is the one between Leakes and Moore. Late last year, Moore gave insight into how the fallout between her and Leakes started.

“I had a high-risk pregnancy, that I wanted my entire life, she never once called me,” Moore said on The Wendy Williams Show. “When I did show up, she never checked on my child. She never said, ‘Is everything okay?’ when she learned I wasn’t going to be on the show. She never said, ‘Are you okay girl, do you need anything?’ And then when she did see me eight months pregnant, she called me a monster and said that my child was a buffalo and she was hurling insults.”

Things between the two reality stars heat up so much that there were rumors that Leakes spit on Moore during one of their encounters. Viewers will be able to catch the tense moment later on this season on RHOA.

“She tried to act like she was going to spit on me,” Moore revealed saying that the OG of Atlanta was “hawking up” her saliva. “You will see that on the show.”

When the trailer for the upcoming episodes of season 12 was released, Leakes doubled down on her attacks against Moore.

“She needs to be spit on [with] all the horrible things she has said and done,” the RHOA star tweeted. “From constantly starting sh** with me all season, lying on me, saying I’m on drugs, and bipolar. Plus that recent tweet she posted, so enjoy the moment. I did the act but didn’t spit. I wish I had though. No regrets.”

Fans are divided into how they feel about the physical attacks. Moore’s followers say that Leakes shouldn’t have gotten so aggressive while Leakes’s followers say the former had it coming.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.