‘RHOA’: This Shady Moment Between Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore Is Being Called the Read of the Decade

As this decade draws to a close, people have started to look back at the best moments that happened from 2010 to 2019 — including in the reality TV world. When it comes to the shadiest televised moment, some Twitters say it’s the infamous 2014 argument between Real Housewives of Atlanta stars Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore. Need a refresher? Find it below.

(L-R) Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore
(L-R) Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore | Theo Wargo/Getty Images North America; Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images North America

What happened between Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore?

On the RHOA Season 6 reunion special, Parks and Moore got into an argument over claims that Moore had been making advances at Parks’ then-husband, Apollo Nida. (Later, Nida reportedly said the claims were untrue.)

The scandal had happened more than a year earlier and had been a major talking point in previous seasons. So, when it resurfaced at the reunion, Parks snapped.

“[Kenya] needs a storyline so she keeps re-bringing it up. This happened in 2012. It’s 2014. She’s still trying to use it because she has nothing else going on,” Parks said.

“While she sitting around, running around talking about my husband and the father of my children, she spends her weekends peddling through sperm banks looking through catalogs to try to find a donor,” Parks continued, referencing Moore’s attempts to find a donor for her potential child.

“You don’t know if your baby daddy will be an ax murderer or a child molester,” she added. “What you will know is that he needed $10 to get him a medium-size pizza so he ejaculated in a cup so you could have a kid. Now check that!”

The remarks left Moore speechless and seemingly on the verge of tears.


Twitter says it’s the “read of the decade”

Many social media users agree that Parks delivered the “read of the decade.”


Another commented that it was “A moment in history! This has been a go-to line for me since!”

But this isn’t to say that people love Parks’ remarks. Some Twitter users have strongly criticized and rebuked the reality star over the comments, saying that she was unnecessarily cruel and nasty.

“i mean yes phaedra went off and it’s iconic but this is like rly f*cked up for her to say lmao,” one tweet said.

Phaedra Parks stood by what she said

Despite the criticism, Parks later stood by what she said.

“We all know when we come to the reunion, what people talk about, and, unfortunately, Kenya runs around every interview she does, [and] my name and my family is in her mouth because she doesn’t have any jobs, like myself, to talk about,” Parks said in an interview on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. “[She doesn’t] have any career or aspirations beyond obsessing with me and my family and my husband and my children, so I knew that’s what she would be obsessing on as always.”

“I wasn’t rehearsing anything, but I’m like, you have the audacity every time on national TV it’s either me or Porsha. I just had to put a thot on notice,” Parks continued.

Parks was later ousted from the show; Moore remains on it, as of writing. Read more about the latest season here.