‘RHOA’: Tyrone Gilliams on Breaking Up With Sheree Whitfield: ‘I Just Needed to Step Away’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently in its 14th season, and Sheree Whitfield’s storyline is all about the unraveling of her long-term relationship with her former prison bae, Tyrone Gilliams. Their relationship went sour after Whitfield claimed he stood her up on a scheduled lunch date while she was filming in Philadelphia. But in a recent interview, Gilliams says Whitfield is lying. He also said he ended the relationship due to her presenting a false narrative about what really happened. 

Sheree Whitfield on 'Watch What Happens Live;' Whitfield's ex Tyrone Gilliams says he ended their relationship
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Tyrone Gilliams says Sheree Whitfield lied about being stood up by him on her visit to Philadelphia

Gilliams recently spoke exclusively with The Jasmine Brand and says the narrative being painted by Whitfield is false. He says there was never a plan for him to film on the day in question because it violated his parole. At the time of the taping, Gilliams was in home confinement and living in a halfway house with strict rules and a curfew. 

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“She knew that I couldn’t come. We were communicating. I got a call in the wee hours of the morning about, ‘I’m coming to Philly.’ But not saying I’m coming to Philly to tape,” he explained. “Because one, I’m on home confinement. And I wasn’t allowed. It was not an approved activity. Now if I had an agreement, if it was already agreed that I was working for the network…because that could happen prior to that, then I could have shown up. And not have gotten in trouble. But Jas, I’m not gonna risk my life for anybody to go back to prison.”

Gilliams said that he was not opposed to filming, but the proper paperwork has to be in place to do so. He also says Whitfield could’ve handled things differently. “She could have easily just said I know he can’t come. We can just do this at another time,” he said. “Or we could just do it someplace else or we can go to his house. And see the uncomfortable setting that he’s in because he’s on home confinement because where I was released to wasn’t where I am now.”

He says he ended the relationship with Sheree Whitfield because the reality star is more worried about a storyline than his well being 

Gilliams and Whitfield reportedly continued communication on some level even after the Philly fiasco. In fact, she revealed in a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen that he ceased speaking with her once the current season began airing. Gilliams confirmed it’s true, noting that watching the episodes back, he realized Whitfield is focused on the show and not the truth.

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“I understand she’s a reality star. She has to do certain things based on her job. But when your moves and the things that you’re doing is impacting my freedom for anything, by any means necessary, that right there didn’t sit well with me,” he told The Jasmine Brand. “I gracefully stepped aside, bowed out. Not out of no anger, no animosity. But when I see that you’re gonna expose me and not look out for my best interests, I just needed to step away.”

The ‘RHOA’ star is now dating Martell Holt

While Whitfield claims she was devastated by how things turned out between her and Gilliams, it hasn’t slowed her down. She says she refuses to cry over someone who doesn’t deserve her. The She by Sheree owner is now dating Love & Marriage: Huntsville star, Martell Holt. The new couple met through a mutual friend and have already met each other’s close friends.

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