‘RHOBH’: Dorit Kemsley Says PK Was Upset About Rumor He Was Living in Someone’s Guest House

There was a rumor Real Housewives of Beverly Hills couple Paul “PK” and Dorit Kemsley separated and were no longer living together. Andy Cohen recently asked about their reaction to it and she claims PK was upset about a specific part of the rumor.

There was a rumor PK and Dorit Kemsley were separated

Dorit Kemsley (R) and Paul "PK" Kemsley
Dorit Kemsley (R) and Paul “PK” Kemsley | Amanda Edwards/WireImage

There was a rumor that the married couple was heading for divorce. It all started with writer Brian Moylan making the claim that his friend knew a couple from the Real Housewives franchise was on the rocks on the podcast, Bitch Sesh.

“She told me that she has a friend with a big house in St. John’s Wood in London, which is like the Bel-Air or Upper West Side of London,” he said. “And he has a very large house with a guest house and there’s someone whose staying in the guest house currently because he’s getting a divorce.”

He then revealed the rumored couple. “Dorit called it off and that PK had gone,” said Moylan. The couple later addressed the rumor.

They claimed it wasn’t true

The couple responded to the rumor through Page Six. PK said he wasn’t in Beverly Hills because he was living with his client, Boy George in Australia while he was on The Voice.

He said living in London with someone else “couldn’t be further from the truth.” They then claimed they were spending Valentine’s Day together.

PK was upset about the rumor he was living in a guest house

Kemsley revisited the rumor about her marriage on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. She claimed there was a specific part of the rumor that upset the businessman.

“Yeah I mean Andy, PK and I. .. I think we were reading it together while we were in San Francisco,” she said. “He said, the thing that bothered him the most wasn’t even that there were divorce rumors, it was the fact that someone would think that he would live in someone’s guest house.”

The reality star then added, “He said, ‘It’s so far-fetched, it’s ridiculous.’” She talked about the source of the rumor.

“Because one person says it on some podcast and all of a sudden it somehow could be true. No fact checking?” she asked. “I don’t even understand journalism today. Is it journalism?”

Season 10 of RHOBH will also show the couple addressing the lawsuits they were fighting. They previously refused to dive into the details publicly.

“I had maintained from the beginning that it was in the right hands and I couldn’t really talk about it, although everybody wanted to. There were a lot of things that came out in the press that weren’t true,” she told Us Weekly.

The mother then said, “It’s very difficult when you’re fighting something with your hands tied behind your back. So for us, we always knew that it was going to be resolved and get resolved and it was a matter of time and justice and so for us it was very freeing. Of course, very happy that it’s behind us and not in front of us and we’re able to just be done with it.”

The couple settled their lawsuits with with Ryan Horne and Nicos Kirzis. It looks like the couple is still very much together.