‘RHOBH’: Garcelle Beauvais Explains Feud With Kyle Richards

Garcelle Beauvais and Kyle Richards have had a low-key feud on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Although it hasn’t come to a point where it’s exploded and become a central part of the storyline, it’s been latent throughout. Beauvais recently explained what happened between her and the last OG of the reality series.

Kyle Richards and Garcelle Beauvais
Kyle Richards and Garcelle Beauvais | Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images / Kathy Boos/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Why are Garcelle Beauvais and Kyle Richards feuding?

RHOBH Season 10 saw the introduction of Beauvais to the series. One of the storylines that viewers have been able to witness that involves the Coming to America actress is a subtle feud with Richards. The two didn’t automatically hit it off, which has been attributed to both stars having limited interaction with each other.

Beauvais skipped several events at the beginning of the season because she continues to be a working actress as she does the Bravo show. Richards was in the midst of filming a new Halloween sequel that had her flying to Georgia often.

When Beauvais made an appearance on the Bitch Sesh podcast, she explained how the feud with Richards stated.

“I think that when you’re used to the person everybody fawns over, that maybe you don’t know how to fawn over someone else,” Beauvais explained. “It’s not that I need her to fawn over me. I just felt that there were things that we would say like at Denise’s barbecue and I said, ‘Tell me, tell me.’ We even had footage of it and she’s like ‘No, I don’t want to single you out.'”

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“I was like, ‘OK, but I’m asking you. If I did something to offend you then just tell me. And I think that’s where I was coming from,” Beauvais continued. “Was she nice to me? Yes, but I felt like when I really wanted her to take me in and hear what I’m saying that that wasn’t the case.”

When the show’s hosts asked where Beauvais and Richards were at with their friendship she said, “We haven’t spoken.”

Kyle Richards says Garcelle Beauvais was ‘rude’

During season 10 of RHOBH, Beauvais invited some of the ladies to an event where she was set to be honored. The actress earned an award for her charitable work for LA Mission and when she took the stage she seemingly shaded Richards.

“I want to say thank you to that table over there, everybody who supports me, loves me. My new best friends. Some of them, not so much, but we’ll figure that out.” Beauvais said at the event.

Richards took offense to Beauvais remarks and when she made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, she explained how she really felt.

“I mean, I was totally blindsided,” Richards said. “I felt we were getting along great, I adored her and I thought she was a great addition to the show.”

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Richards continued, “I was one of the first people to raise my hand and donate to her charity and she didn’t acknowledge that in the episodes or anything, which I didn’t do it to be acknowledged. But it was really rude. It was really unbelievably rude to stand up and make a speech like that.”

With tension between Richards and Beauvais, the RHOBH Season 10 reunion is surely going to be interesting.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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