‘RHOBH’: Kathy Hilton’s Son and Daughter-in-Law Snooped on Her Elegant Dinner Party in Episode 15

If there’s one thing that’s clear, it’s that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills know how to enjoy a good celebration. In episode 15, Kathy Hilton threw a lavish dinner party, giving the friends an opportunity to partake in exquisite food, drinks, and drama. If the international TV audience wasn’t enough, the event had two additional viewers spying on the fireworks at the dinner table. 

Kathy Hilton smiling in front of a cityscape
Kathy Hilton | Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

One argument averted

EW reports that Rinna (who had warned that her cocktail consumption meant she couldn’t be held responsible for her behavior) got her hands on the silver bell used to summon one of Hilton’s butlers, Patrick. The unflappable butler was able to regain control of the bell with a promise to Rinna of delicious food to come. 

Just when things seemed about to proceed smoothly, Kemsley piped up, saying, “Not to hijack the conversation … I want to preface this by saying: Garcelle. I don’t like confrontation. Equally so, I will always stick up for myself.”

But she didn’t get far before Hilton interrupted, shutting down that potential minefield. “I have a good idea,” she said. “Let me say one thing. Let’s have a very nice dinner.”

That was all that was needed to stop the argument before it began. But naturally, since this was a Real Housewives party, the peace couldn’t last long. Erika Jayne’s legal issues soon became the subject of intense and tearful discussion. 

A couple of eavesdroppers listened in on the whole thing

The dinner party drama spilled over into the next episode. Although Hilton tried again to bring the conversation under control, this time she was unsuccessful. Sutton Strake stormed out, and the gathering soon broke up. Bravo reports that later Hilton shared on Instagram that the party was observed by more than just the cameras.

“Some behind-the-scenes of what’s to come in tonight’s #RHOBH episode! Tune in tonight on @bravotv to see what @barronhilton and @tessahiltonofficial heard during my dinner party from the second floor balcony,” she wrote. The post was accompanied by a picture of her son and daughter-in-law sitting on the floor by a balcony railing, laughing presumably at the antics below.

Through the whole event, Patrick stood quietly in the background, although Hilton suggested that he must be thinking, “In 50 years, I have never seen people yell like this.”

Kathy Hilton keeps an eye on the details

When Hilton decides to host a dinner party, there’s no cutting corners. According to Bravo, she was so engrossed in overseeing the details of the event that she kept her guests waiting for a while, showing up late to her own party. 

And those details were exquisite. Hilton’s staff wore white gloves to serve appetizers on silver trays. The table was laden with roses and Baccarat crystal candlesticks. 

“I don’t think anyone in this group has a staff like Kathy has,” admitted Lisa Rinna. “That’s money honey, right there. That’s money.”

When the meal was served, it began not with tiny servings of caviar but an entire pie that was brimming with the expensive ingredient. Small glasses of vodka that were crafted just for Hilton accompanied the luxe dish. Dorit Kemsley cuddled Hilton’s tiny, fluffy dog Muffin on her lap, and everything seemed perfect. 

That’s what the ladies of RHOBH are all about: serving up scenes to top anything you’ve seen before. Viewers are eager for the reunion episode to find out what will come next, after the dinner party from hell

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