‘RHOBH’: Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley Spar Over Girls’ Trip Fight: ‘Don’t Ever Talk to Me Like That Again’

For a group of friends, the women on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have more than their fair share of disagreements. Two of the women, Kyle Richards and Dorit Kemsley, are good examples of this. Although they seem to be close, they also butt heads a lot. 

Cast member of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'
(L-R) Dorit Kemsley, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave | Presley Ann/Getty Images

Recently, they had another run-in, and it even spilled over into a party the next day.

A fight on the way home from Lake Tahoe

According to Bravo, the Housewives came home from a trip to Lake Tahoe during the June 16 episode. Right away, there was talk about an argument that happened between Kemsley and Richards on the way home. Although the argument happened off-camera, the details were quickly shared. 

Reportedly, Kemsley felt that Richards had interrupted a conversation she was having with Crystal Kung Minkoff. While this may seem like a minor irritation, it ignited an argument that spilled over into the next day.

‘Don’t ever talk to me like that again’

The following day, Richards hosted an election night party. According to Entertainment Weekly, both she and Kemsley complained to their husbands before the party about how much they didn’t want to see each other. But when they did, both of them had something to say.

Richards started the interaction, saying that she wanted to discuss what took place on the plane. Although Kemsley didn’t seem excited about it, she agreed. Richards spoke about the interaction:

“On the plane, I only wanted to say one thing to Crystal, and you screamed at me … You said, ‘Can I just finish my sentence?!’ If anyone else had jumped in and chimed in like that, you would not have had that same reaction. I feel like you treat me differently than the others and I don’t know what that is.”

“Ok. First off, last year, you interrupted me in the middle of my sentences a lot,” Dorit shot back. “It’s almost as if you don’t feel that what I have to say has as much value as what you have to say. You scream this all the time: ‘You talk too much. I never get a chance.’ The only thing I said was let me finished a sentence.”

After a little back-and-forth, Richards asked Kemsley if she considered her “an important friend.” Kemsley said she was, and Richards replied, “Then don’t ever talk to me like that again. Because that’s not what friends do.” The argument went on, getting more heated, until Kemsley shut it down, saying, “Ok. Well, then we’re good, Kyle. We’re good. We’re good.”

Richards tried to continue talking, saying she wanted to work things out, but Kemsley clearly wasn’t interested, and she turned to leave. “Why are you walking away?” Richards wanted to know. “Because I’m done,” Kemsley said.

Viewers wonder if that statement means that she’s done with the conversation, or done with the friendship. Considering how much they’ve disagreed, it may be hard to tell the difference between how they act whether they are friends or enemies.

A history of problems

During their time on RHOBH, Kemsley and Richards have found themselves arguing more than once. According to Screen Rant, they’ve had blow-ups before. For instance, once Richards came to Kemsley for advice on her fashion line. Kemsley seemed happy to do so, but she later criticized her for not being prepared for the project.

She said that Richards seemed to think she could just use her name to promote clothes without being an actual designer, which led to an all-out Twitter war between the women.


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Then, Richards accused Kemsley of being selfish because she showed up late for a party thrown by Teddi Mellencamp. In return, Kemsley called Richards a lesbian because she had slept in the same bed as Mellencamp.  They’ve been able to make amends when they have problems, but the friendship has had these ups and downs for some time now. And it seems that they’re at it again.